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Sea Scout Ship Dragon,
SSS 584

The officers and crew of the Sea Scout Ship Dragon meet at the Submarine Veterans Base at 40 School Street in Groton, CT. Meetings are 1900 hr to 2100 hr on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday of the month.

All young adults, ages 14-21, and potential adult leaders who are interested in learning more about the Sea Scout program can contact:

Marshall Parsons, Skipper of the Ship Dragon

Email: seascout1

More information about the Groton Sea Scouts is available on the:

Ship Dragon website




JGTSCA Assists Sea Scouts to Complete Dory Project

The dory project with the Sea Scouts has started on Tuesday July 15. The scheduled time will be 9 AM to 1 or 2 PM every Tuesday and Thursday thru July and maybe the first week of August. Larry Magee has volunteered to head up the project with assistance from George Spragg, Andy Strode and other JGTSCA members.

The project is to complete a dory started about 20 years ago. The dory was recently donated to the Sea Scouts. The hull is complete consisting of plywood sides, oak frames and pine bottom running fore and aft. To finish, the plywood scarf joints will need to be reinforced. Rubrails, inrails, seat risers, seats, oarlocks, etc. will need to be added. So this is a good doable beginner project in the time alloted.

Andy Strode (left) and Larry Magee measure the rub rail.

Dory Project - Measurng

Larry and Andy see how the railing fits

Sea Scout Dory

Sea Scouts Dory - A Work in Progress

Sea Scout Dory

Progress - First Week: The dory has had all 4 plywood scarfs reinforced with fiberglass cloth bedded in epoxy. An additional coat of epoxy will be added later. One scarf that had started to separate, has been repaired. And both rub-rails or gunnels have been installed.

Progress - Second Week: On Tuesday we made cutouts in the frames for the inwales. And then standoffs for the inwales were cut and glued. We were going to install the inwales and a breast-hook on Thursday. But the boat was somewhat wet. And we cancelled due to threatening rain. Which it sure did.

Dory work continues

Dory with seats being added

Dory ready for launching

Dory ready for launching

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