Sea Scout Open House

Sea Scout Ship Dragon,
SSS 584

The officers and crew of the Sea Scout Ship Dragon meet at the Submarine Veterans Base at 40 School Street in Groton, CT. Meetings at 1900 hr to 2100 hr on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday of the month.

All young adults, ages 14-21, and potential adult leaders who are interested in learning more about the Sea Scout program can contact:

Marshall Parsons, Skipper of the Ship Dragon

Email: seascout1

More information about the Groton Sea Scouts is available on the:

Ship Dragon website




Sea Scouts Join with JGTSCA for the
Annual Pine Island Clean Up

The Sea Scouts of Ship Dragon (Groton, CT) once again teamed with JGTSCA members to help clean up Pine Island. This annual event helps to raise environmental awareness and tidies up the island in preparation for summer usage.

Mother ocean provided calm conditions and plenty of sunshine making for an enjoyable trip. We filled many bags with trash and removed some larger items including tires and styrofoam flotation pieces.

There were a variety of craft used for transport to the island, including Avery Point dories, the John Gardner gig, and boats provided by "CROPC" (Connecticut River Oar & Paddle Club). A trash hauling boat was provided by JGTSCA member Paul Robertson and was a tremendous help ferrying the collected trash to the mainland.

We enjoyed a very nice cookout afterwards at the boat house. Once again ShopRite Supermarkets supported our Earth Day efforts and provided gloves, trash bags, drinks, and cookies.

Time to launch the boats

Time to launch the boats.

The John Gardner gig gets underway

The John Gardner gig gets underway

Sea scouts row to the island

JSea scouts row to the island

Scouts hit the beach on Pine Island

Scouts hit the beach on Pine Island

Pine Island arrival

Pine Island arrival

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