Peapod at Mystic Seaport

Pine Island Cleanup
April 28, 2001

Winslow in his rowboat looking back over his sholder at far off Pine Island.

Winslow Behney has quite a was to go to get to Pine Island

Phil rams the beach in his Sunfish sailboat

Phil Behney comes ashore in his Sailfish. Very fast, but a little wet.

Fourteen of the group enjoying the sun near the fire

The crew has gathered trash, eaten a picnic and now they're thinking about the row back to Avery Point.

six of the rowboats on the beach at Pine Island

Some of the assortment of boats that were rowed over to Pine Island. The UConn Avery Point Campus is in the background.

Russell Smith with tongs and a hotdog

President Russell Smith cooks hot dogs, sausage, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and vegetable hot dogs and hardly burns a one.

It was quite a Cleanup for Earth Day. We found lots and lot of trash. Fourteen trash bags were loaded into the one motor boat to haul back to shore. Great day!

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