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It was a brisk and blustery day in the 50's, but with bright sun as we launched three dories and two double enders into the river back of Great Island near the mouth of the Mighty Connecticut River in Old Lyme. A thanks to Peter for recommending the location; it is a beautiful wildlife preserve marsh hosting nesting osprey. The waters are protected from the big waves of the Sound, but open to its great expanse.

Rowing on a sparkling fall day
Rowing on a sparkling fall day

Josh, Shirley, and John rowed the club Avery Point dories. They were surprised by the sail area they presented to the strong and gusty winds. Ellie and her friends Helen and John, plus Ellie's two adventuresome dogs, rowed her Skerry while Karen steered and I rowed the Natoma Skiff, also a double ender. At the waterline, at least, we were all double enders. Elle's friend Helen did most of the rowing in their boat; she really got into the rhythm of the oars and usually was out front.

Josh not only got further into rowing, but actually learned sculling, laying back and relaxing in the stern of the dory. John not only picked up and delivered the three dories, all stacked on the club trailer, but installed a trailer hitch on his pickup especially for the occasion. Thank goodness for Karen's sandwiches, for we got hungry before we got back, devouring them while hanging onto marsh grass hunkered in the lee of the brisk breeze.

Taking a break during the row
Taking a break during the row

We rowed up the Back River to Watch Rock, one of the many pocket parks in Old Lyme, turned, hung out in the reeds for a while and returned to the state launch site. We saved heading down to the sand spit for another time. The wind was strong but we dressed warmly so all enjoyed ourselves. Only one question remained: where shall we go for our spring row?

Everyone is all smiles after a day on the water
Everyone is all smiles

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