Peapod at Mystic Seaport

John Gardner Small Craft Seminar
Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT
June 2-3, 2001

lots of open small craft on the beach

An example of some of the small craft near the beach at the Seaport

small craft in water near the Resolute launch

Participants row in front of the seaport's Resolute

Beautiful yacht

A fine yacht passes by some of the smalll craft

Another picture of rowing canoe

Just another view of Andy's beautiful boat

Photo of the crowd

I believe this was a group at a session on trailering your boat. If I'm wrong I hope someone will let me know so I can correct it.

Photo sailing canoe

This is a sailing canoe that was very popular at the seminar. The skin is some kind of composite fabric that's extremely strong.

Tim Weaver and daughter

Tim Weaver talking to his daughter

Photo of Breck Marshall Catboat

That's the seaport's Breck Marshall in the background. If it doesn't look gloomy in these photos, it's because I lightened them up in my Photoshop program. It was wet, foggy, and cold.

Photo of two person rowing canoe

That's Andy Wolf telling Dan Drath about the beautiful rowing canoe he had just completed for a client in Florida.

Photo youngster in small canoe

This young paddler is trying out the Jellyfish he built in a Mystic Seaport class run by Wade Smith

Photo of grandfather making a large model boat

Sharon Brown provided a great session for kids. The Boathouse volunteers had made lots of boat parts and the kids had a great time putting them together. One grandfather (see above) got very involved in building his own boat.

Photo showing Gardner Chapter table

The John Gardner Chapter of TSCA had a table in the shed during the seminar. In the background is the skiff that members of the Chapter built during the winter. (I have no idea why John Symons, our secretary, looks so happy)

Photo of skiff and name plate

The John Gardner Chapter of TSCA decided to name our first boat after long time TSCA Secretary Eleanor Watson. Tim Weaver painted the name plaque (earlier he had painted the John Gardner sign).

Eleanor Watson holding name plaque for the skiff

It was a complete suprise to Eleanor when our President, Russell Smith, announced that the skiff was named in her honor. I think she was very pleased

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