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Although John Gardner is a given for most long-time small craft fans and maritime museum folk, for many small boat enthusiasts this is just not so. At best he's a vague figure, "the dory man," "the how-to guy," or "the rowboat fellow." And many small boat fans are missing some of the finest small boat writing of the last 50 years.

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at Mystic Seaport




2009 Mystic Seaport - Small Craft Workshop

The popular Small Craft Workshop was held once again at Mystic Seaport during the weekend of June 6-7. The Seaport's waterfront was crowded with an array of traditional small craft, including peapods, dories, catboats, whitehalls, canoes and more. Many boats were constructed by their owners and the small craft enthusiasts exchanged ideas and went for test drives of different craft in the assembled fleet.

On Sunday morning the flotilla embarked for a journey downriver for the traditional gathering at Mason's Island for coffee and more conversation.

Movie Small Craft Workshop Slideshow (8 Mb - click link to view)

Gathering of the small craft along the Mystic Seaport waterfront

Small Craft Workshop Waterfront

Mystic Seaport waterfront

Catboat Breck Marshall sailing

Catboat Breck Marshall

Catboat Breck Marshall

JGTSCA member Andy Strode joins in with other craft on the Mystic River

JGTSCA member Larry Magee rows his wife Diane in the Susan B. Holland

JGTSCA member Larry Magee rows his wife Diane in the Susan B. Holland

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