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John Gardner Chapter: September 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes
UConn Avery Point Campus Boathouse

President Dane called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm

Members Present

Attendees: John Giulietti (new member), Ellie (acting Secretary), Rob P, Carl K, Peter V, Larry, Jim, Dane, Dave, Bill A, Phil, John H

Bill A made a motion to accept the June minutes, Phil second.
There was a motion to accept the minutes from May and February to be unsubmitted, accepted by Peter V and Larry second.

Treasurer’s Report

Ellie noted that 2 members paid dues in the past few months, Sid W and John G. The account balance as of 15-Aug-18 is $5,115.88. Phil made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and was second by Peter V.

Old Business

The Good Little Skiff (GLS) Is on the club’s next project list. There was discussion about stability on the water and Dane noted that it stabilizes and It is easy to row. It is a good boat to sail in calm and shallow water. Carl noted that it has good resale value.

Bill A noted that there are 3 sets of oars that still need to be finished. There was a motion to accept that these be finished before another club project first by Phil second by Bill.

End of year luncheon and brief business meeting will be at the Customs House on Bank Street in New London. Ben Ellecome will be the speaker. Dec 2, 2018 at 12:00 pm. Please bring a dish to share.

New Business

Peter V has info about a Thames yacht club sailing dory available. It is a Wee Nip class boat. The original was designed and built in the 1930s. it is available for no cost, the condition is fair to poor. Peter V suggested the club take it on to document the construction, due to its local history. This would be a donation from the owner. If interested contact Peter V (printed information with pictures and contact information were handed out)

Bill A suggested the club could use parts from the Thames club boat for the GLS. He also suggested the club take this project on instead of the GLS. Members were asked to consider this and to be voted on at the next meeting.

John G made a short speech to the club in appreciation for allowing him use of the shop and help with building his dory. He plans to finish his boat by the Oct meeting. He will bring a trailer to the Oct meeting and ask for help loading it on.

Carl is going to the Small Craft Festival in Portland ME the 22nd and 23rd of Sept and has room in his car for interested parties. Contact him for details.

Dane noted that his neighbor has a 1923 Old Town canoe, 17 Ft, available. It has been fiber-glassed over. Contact Dane for more information.

Carl is accepting information on the current use of sliding rowing seats, he is writing an article.

Club Activities

Bluff Pt row/sail/paddle Sept 15, contact Bill Rutherford for details.

Halloween row date TBD, contact Phil.

Motion to adjourn 7:14

Minutes submitted by Ellie Czarnowski, Treasurer 9-Sep-2018

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