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John Gardner Chapter: September 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President Ellie Czarnowski called the Meeting to order at 1:45pm.

Introduction of Members
Members Ellie Czarnowski, Peter Vermilya, John Symons, Tom Clark, George Spragg, Andy Strode, Phil Behney, Bill Armitage, Dan Nelson and Jim Clark were present.

1. Minutes for the July 03, 2015 meeting

The Minutes for the 07/03/2015 Meeting, as published on the JGTSCA Website, were unanimously adopted.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Symons reported that the JGTSCA Chelsea Groton bank balance was $4,277.62 as of 8/14/2015. Income for the month was $218.00 from 1 single membership and late-reported Tag Sale receipts of 203.00. Expenses were $126.52 stemming from Trailer tires of $116.96 and Nina parts of $9.56. The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously accepted.

3. Old Business

a. Membership report.

Josh Paterson has renewed his membership ($15.00), as has Sandy D’Esopo ($20.00, received too late for inclusion in the above treasurer’s Report).

b. NINA, Club building project.

No suggestions were made for a name for the NINA build. All agreed that this item should remain on the agenda, however.

c. Fleet Report and Club Fleet Maintenance.

Phil Behney is in the process of installing two seat risers in Club Dory #2 (presently located in the Club Shop). Dory #2 is the last of the three Club Dories to receive maintenance for this season.

Various options were discussed for storing the NINA build over the winter. John Symons volunteered the use of his garage while his boat was in the Club Shop.
Bill Armitage pointed out that the boats stored at Mystic Shipyard East should be stored on horses sometime after October. The Club has sufficient horses for this purpose but should only use horses it is willing to see possibly disappear. The JANE will be made available for rowing at MSE (not stored on the horses).

The date for a Shop clean-up will set at the next Regular Friday Business Meeting, October 2nd.

d. Shop Queue

The queue is: John Symons, to be followed by Phil Behney, Bill Rutherford and Dan Nelson.

e. Replacement Dory

The Club building project of a dory to replace Dory #1, JANE, was discussed at length. It was generally agreed that the parts could be pre-fabbed off site, that the project would take over the shop space now occupied by Dory #2, and that the thickness of the plywood used should be discussed further. Bill Armitage strongly recommended that Okoume plywood be used vs fir marine plywood. Peter Vermilya volunteered to look into the kind of marine plywood now offered by Peter Legnos.

f. SawStop table saw

It was agreed that this agenda item should retained but that it should be renamed “Table Saw Maintenance”

g. CT River Oar and Paddle Club Boat

Ellie Czarnowski announced that this boat had been demolished.

4. New Business

a. September 12 Whaleboat Challenge in New London, CT

No substantive discussion.

b. Carl Kaufman and the NINA Molds

George commented that the molds could easily be modified and that boat builders regularly make design decision changes during the building process. Then Bill made the motion to give them to Carl Kaufman, but to keep the 2x4s for building more saw horses, and Andy Strode seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

c. Middle Atlantic Small Craft Festival

This event will be held in St. Michaels, MD, at the Chesapeake Bay Marine Museum over the weekend of October 2-4, with an optional short cruise beforehand.
This is a great event as many JGTSCA members can attest.

d. PILOTS Weekend at Mystic Seaport.

The event will be held over the weekend of October 17 & 18 at Mystic Seaport Museum. Special volunteers, called PILOTS, and other MSM volunteers and staff participate.

5. AOB

6. Correspondence

Andy Strode reported that he hasn’t checked the mailbox lately, but will.

7. 2015 Activities:

September – October

The October Business Meeting is scheduled for October 2nd and will take place in the UCONN/Avery Point clubhouse.

Date TBD: A row on the Lieutenant River in Old Lyme, with a lunch at the Morning Glory Café. Peter Vermilya and Bill Rutherford will work together to set a date for this row. It may take place on a week day.

Ellie Czarnowski said that she rows on Powers Lake in East Lyme almost every Saturday and Sunday morning and would welcome fellow rowers. A foliage row is a possibility.

December 6th – Annual JGTSCA dinner at the Customs House, Bank Street, New London. Susan Tamulavich will speak.

8. Motion to Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was unanimously adopted at 2:10pm

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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