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John Gardner Chapter: September 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA Vice President Ellie Czarnowski was in the Chair. She called the Meeting to order at 1:45pm.

1. Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

Ellie Czarnowski, Peter Vermilya, Phil Behney, Karen Rutherford, Bill Rutherford, George Spragg, Sandy D’Esopo, and Jim Clark were present.

2. Minutes from May 30, 2014 meeting

The Minutes for the 5/30/2014 Meeting were accepted as published on the JGTSCA Website.

The 5/30 Meeting was a special planning meeting held in preparation for the 6/7/2014 Annual Tag Sale. The 5/30 meeting, on a Friday, took the place of the 6/8/2014 regularly scheduled monthly Sunday Membership Meeting.

It was the sense of the 9/7/2014 Meeting that all future planning meetings for the annual Tag Sale should take place on the Friday immediately proceeding the Saturday event.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Karen Rutherford reported that the last bank balance was $4847.65. Two dues payments amounting to a total of 30.00 have been received since then and there are two outstanding bills: $34.01 for Sikaflex for the NINA and $25.00 for renewal of the JGTSCA trailer license. The report was accepted as presented.

4. Old Business

a. 2014 Dues report
See Treasurer’s report.

b. “Nina” construction

George Spragg reported that progress was proceeding adequately. He called for volunteers to help with getting out the spars. The spar stock will be bought this week.

c. Fleet Report

Phil Behney reported that the SUSAN B. HOLLAND needed the bottom sanded out and repainted. He suggested this might be done this coming Friday. He also said that one dory was at the Club House at Avery Point and that three were in Mystic. He called on members to use them.

Karen Rutherford said she was progressing on the name boards for three of the club dories.

d. Chaisson Dory

Sandy D’Esopo said he had got out the oak for the false bottom but will need tar for bedding it. He has permission from his landlord to move the boat to his new home.

e. Adirondack Prototype

Members present examined Bill Armitage’s latest work and were universal in their admiration.

f. TSCA, Wooden Boat Show

Bill Rutherford reported that the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop held in conjunction with the WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport, June 25 – 27, of this year was a resounding success. He especially credited Phil Behney for making sure the Club dories got delivered and retrieved from the show, and Jim Clark and Andy Strode for their management of the dories during the event.

5. New Business

a. Sea-Legs Outreach Work
Subject tabled.

b. Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival, New London September 10-14, 2014. George Spragg said he will row a boat to the event and will try to raise further interest in others in participating. Sandy D’Esopo said he will row a club dory to the event. For complete details go to:

c. Gig Offer:

The Floating the Apple offer to have the JGTSCA Chapter renovate one of their gigs, sell it, and split the proceeds with them was discussed. The consensus of the meeting was that the JGTSCA Club house was too small to accommodate the boat and that the offer should be turned down. Ellie Czarnowski will communicate with John Symons on this.

d. Mamacoke Island Row

Phil Behney suggested a row to Mamacoke Island, perhaps to take place in October. The island is on the west side of the Thames directly across the river from the Navy Base. Launchings could take place from under the Gold Star Bridge. Permission to use the Island, a wonderful place to walk and to bird watch, may be needed from the owners, the Arboretum of Connecticut College. Ellie Czarnowski will work with Phil to develop this event. Info at:

6. Other New Business

a. New Time for Sunday Members Meeting discussed:

Ellie Czarnowski called for input from all members, active and inactive, for their opinions about changing the time of the monthly Sunday Members Meeting. The consensus of those present at the 9/7 Meeting was that a Sunday afternoon meeting was not convenient. Possibilities suggested were Sunday morning or a weekday evening.

b. Middle Atlantic Small Craft Festival

Bill Rutherford reminded members that MASCF would be taking place on the first weekend on October 3 – 5 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. This is not an event to miss if you have not been to it yet. For further info go to

c. Introduction: Will Iturrino presentation of The Art and Craft of Duck Decoys Subject not held.

7. 2014 Activities:

a. September:
Row: Gardner Lake – 10 PM Sunday, September 14? 21?

b. October:
Row: Possible row to Mamacoke Island

c. November:

d. December:
Row: Mystic River

8. Next Meeting:

The next Members Meeting will take place Sunday, October 5th, 2014, 1:30pm, at the Club House on the Avery Point Campus of UCONN.

9. Motion to Adjourn:

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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