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John Gardner Chapter: September 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Philip Behney at 1:45 pm.

1. Introductions:

Each person present introduced himself/herself. 11 members were present.

2. Minutes:

The reading of the June 2, 2013 Minutes was waived. The Minutes were accepted as presented on the JGTSCA Website. There were no business meetings in July and August 2013.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

As Karen Rutherford was absent, her Treasurers report was presented by Peter Vermilya. It was accepted as presented and is appended to these Minutes.

4. Old Business:

a. Private Shop Projects:

There are no private projects in the shop.

b. Shop Queue: John Symons, Sandy D’Esopo, and Ellie Czarnowski.

c. Dory #1 is in the shop for minor repairs.

d. The June Tag sale was a success, netting $383.50.

Club participation in the 2013 John Gardner Small Craft Workshop was a success. The dories were in constant use.

e. Possible purchase of a “Saw Stop” table saw. Tabled.

f. NINA, current Club project:

Discussion centered around the need for 1) more direction for those working on the project and 2) instruction in the steps involved in boat building, in general, for those members who are less knowledgeable. Tim Weaver volunteered to write up the steps involved in building the NINA from start to finish. There is a possibility that Bob Hicks may publish Tim’s work in “Messing About.

g. President Behney repeated his continuing concern about shop cleanliness and stated that we must all pitch in.

5. New Business

a. By-Law changes:

President Behney led a discussion of the section of the current By-Laws that governs the succession of the Club officers. As presently written, once a club member is elected as Vice President, this person automatically advances to President in year two, Past President in year three, and in year four is out of office. Some club members believe that this automatic succession has meant that good people are sometimes eliminated from office against their wishes and to the detriment of the Club. Vigorous discussion led to the matter being tabled. President Behney said that Karen Rutherford had volunteered to investigate how other TSCA chapters handled officer succession.

The discussion segued into a discussion of the need for more club members. Contacting Dave McCullach, John Stratton, and John Perssons was suggested. Peter Vermilya will contact Mathew Goldman, the “Constant Waterman” columnist in Messing About, who lives in Mystic, CT.

b. Outreach/Civic support:

President Behney reported that John Hacunda had suggested that Sea Legs may be worthy of Club support. Sea-Legs, located in New London, is an organization which teaches life-skills through exposure to sailing to those kids who would not ordinarily have the chance to go sailing. Sea-Legs supports itself through the resale of boats. The organization would appreciate Club help in repairing the boats donated to it for use in its programs and for resale. For further information members should go to . No decision was made on Sea-Legs.

Ellie Czarnowski volunteered to pursue her contact with Syma Ebbins, a faculty member in the UCONN Avery Point Marine Sciences Department, with the hope that a mutual project could be developed.

President Behney requested that club members come up with other ideas that involved the JGTSCA with the public as well as the University.

c. Food at Club Meetings:

Club members generally agreed that serving food at the Friday work meetings led to the meetings devolving into social gatherings and that, as a result, very little work got done. The Club has spent over $300.00 on food since the beginning of the year, an amount greatly in excess of the amount realized from the $5.00 dollar a year increase in dues which was meant to handle the cost of food. A motion that the Club no longer provide food at the Friday work meetings was made, seconded and unanimously passed.

d. Scheduling of Meetings:

A number of club members have expressed dissatisfaction with the days of the week and month on which work meetings (every Friday) and the business meetings (first Sunday) are scheduled. President Behney led a vigorous discussion of the subject, but it was decided to table the subject pending further discussion at the October business meeting.

e. Committee Reports:

i. Nominations for the offices of Vice President and Secretary are needed by the November meeting.

ii. Standing Committee memberships:

President Behney reviewed the following Committee memberships:

John Gardner Small Craft Workshop: Bill Rutherford
Annual Tag Sale: John Symons
Pine Island Clean-Up: John Hacunda, Elle Czarnowski
Trips/outings: John Symons
Hearing no objections, the Committees stand as listed.

6. Calendar of Events:

a. Schooner Festival, New London, CT.

9/11 thru 9/15. The event will start at Mystic Seaport on 9/11 and will transit to New London on 9/13. A race will take place 9/14. Sandy DeSopo has suggested that, on 9/14 (Saturday), members launch at 8:30am at the CT DEP launch site located under the Gold Star Bridge on the Groton side, row down to the event, see the vessels, and tie up at the New London City pier at noon-time for lunch in order to enjoy the Chowder Fest. The club dories will be provided if enough interest is shown. To show interest, contact Sandy at 860-448-0827 (home) or 860-231-1126 (cell).

b. Fall Foliage Row, Gardner Lake, October 26, 2013

The row will take place on Saturday, October 26th. For further details contact John Symons or attend the October Business meeting.

c. Tour of RV Connecticut:

Captain Dan Nelson reported that the proposed 9/20 date for the tour is no longer available. Dan will keep us posted as to other available dates.

d. Memorial Service for Louise Pittaway:

A memorial service for Louise Pittaway, wife of Club Member and present Past President, Rob Pittaway, will be held at the LaGrua Center, located in the Stonington Borough, at 11am, on the 19th of October.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 2:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, TSCA Secretary

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