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John Gardner Chapter: October 7, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 7, 2016 6:30 pm

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

Bill Armitage, Steve Barton, Phil Behney, Jim Clark, Tom Clark, Ellie Czarnowski, Jim Friedlander, Karl Kaufman, Dan Nelson, Rob Pittaway, Dane Rochelle, Bill Rutherford, Karen Rutherford, George Spragg, Andy Strode, David Tang, Peter Vermilya, and Kathy Weinberger.

Minutes from September meeting

Members present unanimously voted to accept the Minutes for 09/09/2016 as posted on the JGTSCA Website.
See online at:

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski reported a closing balance of $6,005.82 for the period ending 09/15/2016 in the JGTSCA checking account at the Chelsea Groton Savings Bank. Members present unanimously voted to accept the Report as presented.

Old Business

1. Celebration of New South West Dory built by Dan Nelson.

Bill Rutherford congratulated Dan on his successful build of his South West Dory. Dan reported that he has successfully used the boat both locally and on Lake Winnipesaukee. Dan thanked both JGTSCA for the use of the shop and Andy Strode for his help in the build.

Dan has a complete photo-documentation of his build process and will post his images online and notify the membership of the link to them.

2. 9/17 Event for Oar and Sail.

Dan Nelson and Dane Rochelle had a completely informal unorganized row/sail event on 9/17, launching from Bayberry Lane.

3. Oct 2 2016 Wood River Paddle

Dan Nelson reported that the paddle on the Wood River was successfully completed by 4 people in 3 boats. The boats were launched at the Bradford put-in on RI Route 216. The paddlers headed upstream along the Pawcatuck River through what is described as “wild” and “remote” country in several paddle-sport guides. Andy Strode reported that he rowed much of the way facing forward. “Many snags” he said.

4. Boat rack at Mystic Shipyard East/Club Dories.

Although no firm date is set for completion of the racks, Phil Behney reported that part of the needed lumber is on hand.

Two club dories are at Mystic Shipyard East and one is on a float in Wequetequock Cove. Members are welcome to use these boats, but should be sure to fill out the use-log at MS East so that the Club can keep a record of the use of these two boats. There is no log at Wequetequock Cove.

5. Shop Queue

Now in the shop: the replacement dory and Steve Barton’s rebuild of his kayak.

Progress continues on the replacement dory with principal effort provided by Bill Armitage and Phil Behney.
Steve reports that his deck is made and that the wood and patterns for the rest of the parts are in the shop. He may need member help when it comes to his boats frames.

Once the replacement dory is no longer in the shop, two member projects can be accommodated. The remaining names on the que are Phil Behney, Bill Rutherford, Bill Armitage Alan Barton and Jim Friedlander. Dan Nelson can build his oars whenever.

Jim Friedlander said that he could donate a thickness planer to the shop. It is, however, powered with a 220 motor and the shop is wired with 110. Steve Barton volunteered to see if a 110 motor he owns would be suitable for the planer.

Bill Rutherford called for suggestions for future Club build projects.

New Business

6. Tour of local boat shops.

Dane Rochelle said he had contacted Tommy Thompson about a Club tour of his boat shop. Tommy is most willing to comply but is in the process of moving his shop into a new building. Karl Kaufman volunteered to maintain contact with Tommy and to arrange a tour when Tommy is back in full operation.
The Dave Snediker shop, the MPG shop, and Mystic Shipyard were also discussed.

7. Annual December Holiday Party

The tentative date for the Holiday Party is 12/04/2016, with a pot-luck lunch at 12:30 followed by a speaker. The suggestion was made that the speaker this year might be a member of the UCONN Avery Point faculty who would speak on some aspect of the environment. Ellie Czarnowski volunteered to work with Syma Ebbin.
If available, the Branford House on the Avery Point campus might be the venue this year.

8. Disposal of club dory JANE

Prompted by the advisability to keep the surroundings of the Shop in good order, members present voted unanimously to offer the dory JANE, gratis, to Russ Smith for use in his youth rowing program. The boat is named after his wife.

9. Block Island School 18 foot sharpie

Karl Kaufman said that an 18 foot sharpie was still available for pick up – free - from the owners, the Block Island School. The boat is in as-is condition and will require work. Karl said there was a trailer that would go with the boat but that he was not knowledgeable about the trailer’s road worthiness.

10. Nominations for JGTSCA Officers for 2017

Nominations are needed for Vice-President and for Secretary.

Next Meeting:

Friday, November 4th. Potluck at 5:30, Meeting at 6:30 pm. UCONN Avery Point Boat shop..

Motion to Adjourn

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter T. Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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