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John Gardner Chapter: October 5, 2014 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President John Symons was in the Chair. He called the Meeting to order at 1:41.

1. Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

John Symons, Peter Vermilya, Andy Strode, George Spragg, Bill Armitage, John Hacunda, Will Iturino and Jim Clark were present

2. Minutes from September 7, 2014 meeting

The Minutes for the 9/7/2014 Meeting were unanimously accepted as published on the JGTSCA Website.

3. Treasurer’s Report

There was no Treasurer’s Report

4. Old Business

a. 2014 Dues report

There was no Dues Report.

b. “Nina” construction

George Spragg reported that progress was proceeding adequately. Good quality wood is on hand for the spars. Bill Rutherford has volunteered to build the spars. The second run of planking is ready to be hung. George said that Karen Rutherford is keeping track of expenses incurred. He also said that work on the sails could start at any time. Karen Rutherford may be able to build them over the winter.

c. Fleet Report

John Symons reported that he was working on the SUSAN B HOLLAND’s bottom. There was discussion about how deeply JGTSCA should be involved in repairing the boat given the fact that the Club does not own the boat. The boat belongs to New York City’s Floating the Apple.

d. Chaisson Dory

No report.

e. Adirondack Prototype

Bill Armitage reported that the launch date and location are to be determined.

5. New Business

a. Sea-Legs Outreach Work

John Hacunda said that he had talked with Dick Lathrop, CEO of Sea Legs, and that Dick expressed his appreciation for the work that JGTSCA, Andy Strode in particular, had done for Sea Legs.
Dick also has agreed to give a talk at the JGTSCA December Meeting on his “Big Loop” cruise.
John Symons will check with Rob Pittaway on the availability of the Custom House building for the December Meeting.

b. Gig Offer:

The Floating the Apple offer to have the JGTSCA Chapter renovate one of its gigs, sell it, and split the proceeds with them was discussed again. The consensus of the September meeting had been that the JGTSCA Club house was too small to accommodate the boat and that the offer should be turned down.

c. Mamacoke Island Row

John Symons said he will work with Phil Behney to schedule a row to Mamacoke Island, perhaps to take place in October. The island is on the west side of the Thames River directly across the river from the Navy Base. Launchings could take place from under the Gold Star Bridge. Permission to use the Island, a wonderful place to walk and to bird watch, may be needed from the owners, the Arboretum of Connecticut College. Info at:

6. Other New Business

a. New Time for Sunday Members Meeting discussed:

Members present agree that 9:30 on Sunday morning might be a more convenient meeting time for a greater number of JGTSCA members. This issue will be voted on at the December 2014 meeting after John Symons has sent out an e-mail to all JGTSCA informing members and requesting their input. This change, if adopted, would not take effect until the January meeting.

b. Middle Atlantic Small Craft Festival

Bill Rutherford will report on his and Karen Rutherford’s participation.

c. Boat House Queue:

A number of the Club boats need repairs and should be entered onto the Queue governing the use of Club Boat House space.

d. Jim Clark reported that the Club House sanders were in bad repair. Bill Armitage said that one of the two sanders he purchased for the club recently was in a box on one of the shelves and that the Club had a good supply of adhesive back sanding materials.

7. 2014 Activities

a. October:
Row: Possible row to Mamacoke Island

b. November:

c. December:
Row: Mystic River

8. Special Presentation

JGTSCA member Will Iturrino gave a very informative presentation of what he has learned about the craft of building duck hunting decoys. Members present were especially appreciative.

9. Motion to Adjourn

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:08 pm. The next Members Meeting will take place Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, 1:30pm, at the Club House on the Avery Point Campus of UCONN.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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