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John Gardner Chapter: October 6, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Philip Behney at 1:37 pm. 6 members were present. No introductions were necessary.

1. Minutes:

The reading of the September 08 2013 Minutes was waived. The Minutes were accepted as presented on the JGTSCA Website.

2. Treasurer’s Report:

There was no Treasurer’s Report.

3. Old Business:

a. Private Shop Projects:

There are no private projects in the shop as of 10/06/2013.

b. Private Projects shop queue: John Symons, Sandy D’Esopo, and Ellie Czarnowski.
John Symons ceded the remaining portion of his private project time to Ellie.

c. Two club dories are at the Mystic Shipyard East site. One club dory is located at Sandy D’Esopo’s dock at 131 Thames Street, Groton, and one club dory is at the Avery Point Club House. All are available for member use.

d. President Behney reported that Sandy D’Esopo is disassembling his shop and has tools, etc., for sale. 860-448-0827 for further information.

e. By-Law changes:

After discussion at this meeting, it was agreed that the Executive Committee will consider whether the By-Laws which concern the election and succession of JGTSCA Officers need to be rewritten.

f. John Symons reported that David and Kathy Lund are now paid-up members.

g. Re-scheduling of Meetings:

A number of club members have expressed dissatisfaction with the days of the week and month on which work meetings (now every Friday) and the business meetings (now every first Sunday) are presently scheduled.

Ellie Czarnowski suggested that the Business Meetings be cut from ten to four meetings per year and that the Executive Committee should take responsibility for more of the routine administrative matters . The four Business Meetings might possibly be scheduled quarterly (perhaps in March, June, September, and December) and would be held at five PM on Fridays. Food would be provided at these Business Meetings, and work on Club Projects would commence at 6:30pm as on other Fridays.

h. Outreach/Civic support:

Discussion of JGTSCA support of Sea-Legs was tabled until the November Meeting. Sea-Legs, located in New London, is an organization which teaches life-skills through exposure to sailing for those kids who would not ordinarily have the chance to go sailing. Sea-Legs supports itself through the resale of donated boats and would appreciate JGTSCA help in their repair.. For further information members should go to

Ellie Czarnowski reiterated her intent to pursue her contact with Syma Ebbins, a faculty member in the UCONN Avery Point Marine Sciences Department, with the hope that a mutual project could be developed.

4. New Business:

There was no New Business.

5. Committee Reports:

a. Nominations for 2013 Officer Elections:

Nomination of Ellie Czarnowski for Vice President and Peter Vermilya for Secretary were made. Both individuals are willing to serve.

6. Calendar of Events:

a. Fall Foliage Row, Gardner Lake, October 26, 2013
The row will take place on Saturday, October 26th. For further details contact John Symons.

b. Tour of RV Connecticut:
Captain Dan Nelson provided a tour of the RV Connecticut for club members and friends on September 20. The club extends thanks to Captain Dan.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 2:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, TSCA Secretary

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