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John Gardner Chapter: October 2012 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

President Rob Pittaway called the monthly meeting to order on Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 1:35pm at the Avery Point Boat House in Groton, CT.
Introduction of Members and Guests:
Officers: Rob Pittaway (pres.), Phil Behney (v. pres.), Bill Armitage (treasurer), Gen Favre (sec.), John Symons (past pres.). Members: Sandy D’Esopo, and Jim Clark.


Motion was made and passed to dispense of the reading of the September 9, 2012 Minutes and to accept as distributed via email to the Officers and as posted on the JGTSCA website at

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Bill Armitage read the Treasurer's Report noting no activity to the treasury balance. The balance remains at $4559.36.

Old Business

1. Member Queue

Members with projects presently in the shop are Sandy D'Esopo. Tom Jannke's project is no longer in the shop and he will be contacted as to his plans and if he wishes to remain in the queue. Next in line is Bill Armitage, then Tim Weaver, followed by Phil Behney. John Symons has been added to the queue following Phil Behney. Sandy's project is ready to be moved outside when space is needed for the next project.

2. Chapter Project

Rob Pittaway presented his plans for the "Nina" as discussed in the September monthly meeting and asked if there should be consideration as to what to do with the final project regarding resale value. Discussion ensued. Genevieve Favre stated that she felt that the project's value as a learning experience and a way to get members engaged was important as there was no guarantee that a challenging project would be executed to the standards of resale. Phil Behney stated that donating the finished project to another nonprofit group meeting the guidelines of our Chapter's nonprofit status could be considered.

Phil Behney asked if there was a budget estimate for the "Nina". Sandy D'Esopo stated that he had gone over the plans quickly and estimated about $1000.00 plus or minus.

John Symons asked Rob Pittaway if Rob had any plans for a Rob Pittaway design that would be appropriate for the Chapter to build. Discussion followed with Rob noting that most of his own designs were too large or too ambitious for the Chapter but that his "Stonington Pulling Boat" might meet the criteria and that he could bring in the plans for consideration at the next monthly meeting.

John Symons and Phil Behney asked Bill Armitage to repeat the suggestion Bill had in the last meeting. Bill stated that he had suggested an "Adirondack Guide Boat" (a kit strip built boat) considering the cost and ease of procuring materials and resale value. Bill conceded that this was not an issue if resale was not the point of the project. Bill also stated that he would not be able to lead or coordinate this project.

Members and Officers agreed that a vote will be held at the next monthly meeting in November on the following submissions:

• The "Nina" presented by Rob Pittaway.
• The Rob Pittaway designed "Stonington Pulling Boat" suggested by John Symons and presented by Rob Pittaway.
• The strip built kit "Adirondack Guide Boat" suggested by Bill Armitage.

3. Time Limits for Member Projects

Bill Armitage asked Secretary Genevieve Favre for clarification of time limits for member projects in the shop. Genevieve read the following from the March 2012 minutes:

"Bill Armitage noted that, with the present time limits for member projects, the wait in queue could be years. The time limit presently adopted by the Chapter is one year. George Spragg made a motion to limit a member project to three months after which there would be a mandatory monthly review. Motion was seconded and passed.

4. Maintenance Projects in the Shop

The trailer project has been completed.
Next in will be the conversion of the single dory to a double. Bill Armitage stated that he could wait to bring in his project until the dory has been converted. Members agreed that the next Chapter project will not be started until the dory conversion is finished.

5. In Memory of Pat Symons

John Symons expressed his appreciation of the Chapter's recognition at the September Monthly meeting of his wife, Pat, who passed August 25, 2012. John also responded by email with the following:

"Thank you very much for honoring Pat. She never looked for recognition but would be very flattered with this one".

New Business

1. Nomination of Officers

Nominations will be open from the beginning of October until the first Sunday of November at the monthly Chapter meeting. Voting will be held at the December monthly meeting.

Terms ending as of January 2013 and up for election in December, will be for the offices of Vice President and Treasurer.
The present Vice President, Phil Behney, will assume the office of President as per JGTSCA Bylaws. The present President, Rob Pittaway, will assume the office of Past President as per JGTSCA Bylaws.

As per the JGTSCA Bylaws, prerequisite to nomination and election are as follows:

"All Officers must be members in good standing of the Association and the JGTSCA at the time of their nomination and election and must remain so throughout the duration of their term of office".

Information on the duties of Officers can be found in the JGTSCA Bylaws on the JGTSCA website:

• Nominations for Vice President accepted at this meeting: Phil Behney nominated member Sandy D'Esopo for the office of Vice President. John Symons seconded the nomination, Sandy D'Esopo accepted.
• Nominations for Treasurer accepted at this meeting: Bill Armitage nominated member Karen Rutherford for the office of Treasurer. Phil Behney seconded the nomination. Karen Rutherford (not present) has told Bill Armitage that she would accept the nomination.

2. Use of Chapter Assets, Facilities, and Other Protocols.

Treasurer Bill Armitage, on behalf of the Executive Committee, asked that protocols be reviewed concerning the use of Chapter assets and facilities noting that most members have complied with the appropriate use of Chapter boats, facilities, and other protocols.

Use of Chapter boats and facilities by members:

Members are welcomed to use the Chapter boats for their own enjoyment and recreational use and are welcomed to invite family and friends as long as the member accompanies them and will take responsibility of said guests.

Members are welcomed to use the Chapter facilities for their own personal projects.

Members cannot use the boats or facilities in conjunction with, or for the benefit of, or have the appearance of benefiting any group or organization that is not the Chapter, without the Chapter's express permission.

Members cannot use the boats or facilities for any personal activity in which they will be compensated for either in currency or exchange.
Use of Chapter Boats, facilities and assets by outside organizations:

The use of Chapter boats and facilities or the conducting of any activity in the name of the Chapter or implying the sponsorship of the Chapter cannot be done without the Chapter's express permission.
Other matters related to the use of Chapter boats:

Bill Armitage and other members suggested that the Chapter boats at the Mystic boat house be secured. It was agreed that Phil Behney and Bill Armitage will procure and attach a lock system to secure the boats prior to the next monthly meeting in November. Access to key or combination to the lock will be provided to members.


Slocum River Regatta: Phil Behney and Genevieve Favre participated in the Slocum River Regatta, October 6th, in Dartmouth, MA, entering in the mixed doubles fixed seat Rowing Boat class and received a first place medal.

Next Monthly Meeting: President Rob Pittaway suggested, and members agreed, that the next monthly meeting, November 4, 2012 be held at the Custom House on 150 Bank Street, New London, CT. Member are welcomed to bring simple finger foods to share if they would like. Information on the Custom House Maritime Museum can be found at

October 27: Head of the Weir River Race, Hull, MA

Other events and interesting information about the Chapter can be found on


Motion was made and passed to adjourn @ 2:55pm.

Next monthly meeting: November 4, 2012 to be held at 1:30pm at the Custom House Maritime Museum, 150 Bank Street, New London, CT.
Weekly meetings are held every Friday at the Boat House at the UConn Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT. at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted, Genevieve Favre, Secretary

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