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John Gardner Chapter: October 2008 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the October, 2008 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

President Behney in Avery Point Boathouse called the meeting to order at 1:45.P.M. In attendance were Peter Vermilya, Phil Behney, Pres., Russell Smith Treas., Bill Armitage, Carol Mauro, John Maxson, John Symons, Secretary’s Report

Report approved as distributed via email.

Treasurer’s Report
Tres. Russell Smith distributed and read report: 8/08 bal. $3444.96 Expenses lighthouse trip $390.60, boards and fasterners $109.53, paint $82.50. Income lighthouse trip $414.00. 9/08 bal. $3276.33. Report approved.

Old Business:

Carol Mauro was given authority to have 500 new and updated JGTSCA brochures printed using her discretion to choose the most economical printer

Pres. Behney and Carol reported on their attendance at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival stating that it was very well organized very beautiful down there. They missed the TSCA annual meeting, being held a day later than scheduled when they had to leave for home. The Ash Breeze will be published by Mike Wick for the Deleware River Chapter taking over the task from Dan Drath.

The dory “Jane” has been successfully converted to a double and will be given sea trials today.

Bill Armitage and Sean Bercaw competed in the Slocum River Regatta in Dartmouth, MA winning the 2 ½ mile race in a record 17 minutes. John Maxson won the singles race in the boat he built at the clubhouse last year.

The Ledge Light tour was held as scheduled. Everyone seemed to enjoy it enhanced by a film crew who set up to record or detect the presence of a couple of ghosts who supposedly inhabit the lighthouse. We were told the stories about them but no observations made.

New Business:

Russell Smith has planned to take a group of kids to row the John Gardner gig in the Head of the Weir race in Hull, MA. He also has other plans for a race on Gardner Lake.

Phil Behney is recruiting rowers for a trip to Narrow River in Rhode Island that has pretty scenery.

Boathouse Projects:

Bill Armitage has completed his two Solo Guide Boats.

Avery Pt. Dory conversions.

John Hacunda has a boat that he has started at home but needs help with applying the lap strake exterior.

Proposed to finish the Kevlar covering of a hull frame donated to the club.

Upcoming Events:

Working Waterfront Festival October 17, 2008 New Bedford, MA
[amended date - actually took place September 27-28]

Head of the Weir race October 18, 2008 Hull, MA

Plymouth Bay race November 1, 2008 Plymouth, MA

Good of the Order: Please pickup, put away tools after a project; then cleanup the shavings and sawdust!

Motion to adjourn at 2:15 P.M.

Small Craft Workshop:

After the meeting was adjourned we met with Peter Vermilya to discuss ways and means to keep the Small Craft Workshop active. Peter, who manages the classic small boat collection at the Mystic Seaport was not able to conduct the Small Craft Workshop this year because of financial constraints the Seaport experiencing. In the future the Workshop participants will have to take responsiblity to keep it going. We all seemed to agree that to keep cost within reach of the participants that downsizing makes the most sense, eliminating all or most of the services supplied by the Seaport such as registration, breakfast and lunch (included in registration fees) but still requiring manpower, seminars and assistance launching and hauling boats. If essential these services would have to be supplied by the participants. It was suggested that the Workshop be held during the Wooden Boat Show but this seemed impractical because of the large size of the show that is held to solicit business.

If the Mystic Seaport is the favored place to conduct the Small Craft Workshop each year in June then means must be worked out so that both the Seaport and attending small boat enthusiasts will benefit.

Peter indicated that we should be hearing more about the meeting held during the Wooden Boat Show this summer to discuss this subject.

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