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John Gardner Chapter: November 5, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 5, 2016 6:30 pm

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

President Bill Rutherford opened the meeting at 6:35.
The custom of having individuals present introduce themselves was followed. Present were: Bill Armitage, Steve Barton, Alan Barton, Phil Behney, Jim Clark, Ellie Czarnowski, Jim Friedlander, John Hacunda, Larry McGee, Rob Pittaway, Dane Rochelle, Bill Rutherford, Karen Rutherford, Andy Strode, David Tang, and Peter Vermilya.

Minutes from October meeting

With one correction, the minutes were unanimously accepted as presented on line at:

Treasurer’s Report

Ellie Czarnowski presented her report. Income for the period ending 10/14/2016 was $165.00 and consisted of a donation of $150 by Dan Nelson to the club for use of the shop to build his dory and $15.00 membership dues for Alan Barton. There were no expenses. The closing balance was $6,170.82. Ellie’s report was unanimously accepted as presented.

Old Business

1. Thickness planer

Thanks were given to Jim Friedlander for his donation of his thickness planer to the shop. Thanks also went to Steve Barton, Alan Barton and Andy Strode for on-going set up work. It was moved and passed that Jim be authorized to spend up to $150.00 to see that the knives were sharpened if necessary.

2. Boat rack for holding dories at Mystic Shipyard East

Phil Behney reported that he has the lumber on hand for the racks. Construction may take place in conjunction with the upcoming Solstice Row now scheduled for 12/18/2016.

3. Shop Queue

In the shop now: the replacement dory and Steve Barton’s kayak project, which he estimates will be out of the shop at the end of the month.
Next in line are: Phil Behney’s Whitehall repairs, Bill Rutherford’s folding mast and oar projects, Bill Armitage’s Adirondack guide boat modifications, Alan Barton’s surf board, and Jim Friedlander’s Natoma Skiff build.

New Business

1. Trip to Newport/Bristol in December? Boatshop tours?

Dane Rochelle continues to work on coordinating a trip to IYRS, CORONET, etc., possibly on a Sunday in December or January.
Karl Kaufman, via e-mail, suggested that Tommy Thompson’s shop may be at a stage suitable for visiting. Dane suggested waiting for Tommy’s small boat shop to have some small boats in it.
Bill Rutherford reported that Mystic Seaport was scheduling a member-only tour of MPG and Stonington Boatworks on 11/11/2016. Further info at

2. Solstice Row

Phil Behney reported that the Annual Solstice Row will take place this year on Sunday 12/18/2016. Members and guests should meet at 1pm at Mystic Shipyard East. The dory rack will be assembled, followed by a row on the Mystic River, followed in turn by a meet-up at the Harp and Hound in downtown Mystic for good cheer around 4:30pm. All, active rowers or not, are welcome at the Harp and Hound.

3. Dragan Harald Harfagre escort downriver in May?

Ben Fuller has suggested JGTSCA organize an escort/fairwell down-river-celebration of Dragan Harald Harfagre when she leaves the Seaport in May. He said that local Scandinavian heritage inspired boats would be most suitable and recommended contacting Pat Nelson on Long Island.
Bill Rutherford will get back to Ben.

4. December Holiday party

The December Holiday party will take place at the Custom House Museum in New London on 12/04/2016. Professor Syma Ebbins of the UCONN faculty will be the featured speaker and will be talking about the Sea Grant Program. Meal set up will be at 12 Noon, the Pot Luck will be at 12:30, and the talk will follow. Ellie Czarnowski will work with Syma on her AV needs.
It was moved and unanimously passed that JGTSCA recognize the use of the Museum’s facility with a $150.00 gratuity.

5. Nomination of Officers: VP & Secretary.

Dane Rochelle was nominated for Vice President
Bill Rutherford volunteered to stand for Secretary.
The election will take place at the December Party, 12/04/2016

Any Other Business

1. Members present unanimously approved remuneration of $49.98 to Steve Barton for electrical supplies for rewiring the thickness planer.

2. Jim Friedlander will conduct the annual shop orientation session, date to be announced.

3. Ellie Czarnowski will e-mail new member names and e-mail addresses to Bill Rutherford for distribution list updating


A planer lifting party was followed by continuance of the pre-meeting Pot Luck at the Boathouse.

Next Meeting:

Sunday, December 4th at New London Custom House Museum:
Meal set up at 12 Noon, Potluck at 12:30 pm, a short business meeting with speaker, Syma Ebbins of UCONN Avery Point, to follow.

Motion to Adjourn

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Peter T. Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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