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John Gardner Chapter: November 6, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 5:50pm by President Ellie Czarnowski

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

Present: Ellie Czarnowski, John Symons, Dan Nelson, Andy Strode, Marissa LaCoursiere, Bill Rutherford, Bill Armitage, George Spragg, Peter Vermilya, Jim Clark, John Hacunda.
Special welcome was given to our new member Marissa.

Minutes from October meeting – See online at:
A motion to accept the Minutes of the October 3rd Regular Business Meeting as published on the JGTSCA Website was accepted unanimously.

Treasurer ’s Report

John Symons, JGTSCA Treasurer, reported that Income for the month of October was $15.00, expenses were $00.00 and that the current, 11/06/2015 bank balance was $4357.62. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously.

Old Business

1. 2015 Membership Dues report

a. John Symons reported a membership check was received from Karl Kaufmann during the month of October for total revenue of $15.00
Bill Armitage reminded members that if a new member paid for a membership in October or later in a given year that their dues would also pay for their membership for the following year.


a. List of expenses
John Symons reported that he is working on developing a list of NINA construction expenses. This list will aid in setting an eventual sale price for the boat. A motion to consider selling the boat in the Spring was unanimously accepted by members present. Bill Armitage made the point that the Club has a tradition of building a boat as a club project and then selling it soon after completion. This avoids the problem of long term storage.
b. Give the boat a name.
Members also agreed not to give the boat a name at this point.

3. Fleet Report and Club Boat Maintenance

a. Phil Behney reported that he is rowing the dory “JANE” to work and storing the boat on the club trailer when it is not in the water. The boat leaks badly and will be replaced by the next club boat building project.
b. Dory #2, DONNA, is in the club house and is ready to be used.
c. The dory named LOUISE is being stored on a float in Wequetequock Cove and is available for club member use.
d. All the club dories will be stored for the winter at Mystic Shipyard East.

4. Shop queue:
a. No change: Club dory, John Symons, Phil Behney, Dan Nelson, Bill Rutherford

5. Replacement Dory – discussion on thickness of the plywood
a. Members present agreed that the sides for the replacement dory for the JANE should be 6mm Okoume plywood and that the bottom should be 9mm. Bill Armitage agreed to purchase sufficient plywood for the project on behalf of the club.

6. Table saw maintenance – two options for blade guard: a Delta Deluxe Uniguard and a
PSI Woodworking TSGuard sawdust collecting.
a. Because the cost of an acceptable table saw blade guard would be over $400.00, Bill Armitage agreed to research the possible purchase of a suitable new table saw instead of the new blade guard.

New Business

1. Accepting nominations for Club officers:
a. Members were encouraged to consider nominations for Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The election will be at the December 6th meeting.

2. Member contributions to the annual December meeting meal

a. The meeting will begin at 12 noon Sunday December 6 and will be held at the Custom House Museum on Bank Street in New London. Lunch will begin at 12 Noon followed by the meeting around 1pm. The lunch will be pot luck. Phil Behney will bring a spiral ham. Members are encouraged to contact Ellie Czarnowski with a description of what they plan to bring. 24 people usually attend. Susan Tamulavich will give a presentation on the history of light houses.


1. A second club trailer.
a. George Spragg made the case for a second club trailer to be used for NINA. Perhaps a second trailer could be obtained for around $2-300.00. Members present agreed that an e-mail should be sent to all members requesting a donation of a used trailer. Phil Behney will formulate the email and Ellie Czarnowski will circulate it. The donation would be tax deductible.

2. Shop stationary sanding machine.
a. Phil Behney commented on the woeful condition of the club’s stationary sanding machine. Bill Armitage agreed to research sanding machines along with the table saws.
b. Members present agreed on the need for orientation sessions for all members on the operation and maintenance of all the Clubs stationary power tools. The first session will take place in January.

3. Requirement for Club event notices.
a. John Hacunda made the point that all club sanctioned events should include the statement that participants need to comply with the safety requirements issued by the CT DEP. He particularly mentioned the requirement for people who use small open boats after October 1st to wear life jackets. John Hacunda will write the statement.

4. TSCA National insurance for JGTSCA official events.
a. Bill Meier recently researched the requirements for JGTSCA events to be covered by the event insurance carried by the National TSCA. He found:
The TSCA National maintains an event liability policy through Gowrie Inc. This insurance covers individual chapter events as long as the event has been publicized to chapter members in advance by web, email, newsletter, or meeting minutes. The policy covers all participants, whether chapter members or guests, and the boats they use in the event. It does not include hull coverage for the boats. If an event venue demands a certificate of insurance, Gowrie will issue it after reviewing the event particulars. John Weiss is the go-to person for contact with Gowrie. John Weiss says that Gowrie has a turnaround time of 1-2 days.
(The above paragraph is excerpted from the 2/3/2013 JGTSCA Minutes)

5. Shirts and hats;
a. Bill Rutherford announced that he has a very limited supply of national TSCA hats and shirts available for sale a very reasonable prices.

6. Mystic Shipyard East storage:
a. Ellie Czarnowski announced that George Spragg has fixed a broken window in the building used to store equipment located at Mystic Shipyard East. Kudos to George!


1. UConn mailbox
No correspondence reported

2015 Activities:

Nov – suggestions are welcome
Dec 6th 12:00 – Annual dinner at The Customs House, speaker Susan Tamulavich
Dec 22 – Winter Solstice row and meet at the Harp and Hound in Mystic. Time TBA

Motion to Adjourn

The Meeting was adjourned at 6:54

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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