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John Gardner Chapter: November 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

TThe meeting was called to order by President Phil Behney at 1:46pm.
Introductions were made. Twelve members were present.

1. Minutes:

The Minutes of the October meeting were accepted as presented on the Web site. Reading was

2. Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Karen Rutherford presented a statement of JGTSCA Income and Expenses for the year-to-date as of October 31, 2013. It will be posted on the JGTSCA website. Karen also introduced, for members review, a revised JGTSCA membership form to take affect 1/1/2014, if approved. Annual JGTSCA dues would be reduced from $20.00 to $15.00 to reflect the elimination of the $5.00 annual food cost. The new membership form would also provide an opportunity to join the National TSCA.

Members present were in support of having individual JGTSCA members join the National because of benefits such as the ASH BREEZE, event insurance , and the national oversight the national provides. All members are urged to inspect the new membership form before a vote for its approval which will take place at the December 1 meeting.

To improve the chapter’s responsiveness to its USPS mail, Andy Strode will check the JGTSCA mailbox at UCONN Avery Pt. once per week for an indefinite trial period. If this solution does not suffice, a permanent US P.O. Box will be obtained, most likely at a local Groton P.O. address.

3. Old Business

Bill Rutherford announced that Sid Whelan has given several books to the JGTSCA for sale to benefit the Chapter. Bill arranged with Sid, pending Chapter approval, to pay the Chapter $100.00 for the books. The money will go to the chapter and will be in Sid’s name. Bill will
share use of the books with the membership. The Chapter unanimously voted its acceptance of this agreement.

The books are only the latest in the many donations Sid has given to the chapter. Peter Vermilya will write a letter of thanks to Sid on behalf of the Chapter.

Shop Queue:
Ellie has removed her boat from the Shop. As there is no one in the queue for use of the shop for a personal project, the queue is open.

By-laws: Tabled

Community Out-Reach:

Sea legs:

John Hacunda will continue to research opportunities to work with Sea Legs of New London. Several members expressed willingness to work with Sea Legs on repair of boats either in their programs or on boats donated to Sea Legs for resale. Any JGTSCA participation would be on a case-by-case basis.

John will invite the Director of Sea Legs to attend our Friday night sessions. Please see the October 2013 Minutes for a fuller description of Sea Legs.

UCONN/Avery Point:

Ellie reported on her meeting with Syma Ebbins, UCONN Avery Point faculty member, about possible UCONN/JGTSCA activities. Syma will be in contact with the JGTSCA in the Spring about a Pine Island clean-up date. The students would like a BBQ.

The Eco-Huskies like to do beach clean-ups. They have been offered the JGTSCA boats, if needed, for access to other sites than Pine Island.
Syma will spread word with her students about the JGTSCA and its activities.

Elections for 2014:

Ellie Czarnowski was elected Vice President,
Peter Vermilya was elected Secretary.
John Symonds will assume the Presidency, Karen Rutherford will continue as Treasurer,
and Phil Behney will become Past President. All will assume their duties as of 1/1/2014.

4. Old Business

Shop cleanliness:

Members were reminded that Professor Stephen Jones of the UCONN/Avery Point faculty makes use of the Shop for classes on a some-time basis, therefore an on-going appearance of order and cleanliness is imperative.

The JGTSCA dories will be stored at the Mystic Shipyard East this winter. Dory #1 may need to be adjusted for single person rowing. Phil Behney will investigate. Phil Behney, who has been rowing a dory across the Thames River to work in New London on a daily basis, is looking for a suitable place to tie the boat up on the Groton side.

It was unanimously voted to name the #2 dory the Louise Pittaway and dory #3 the Pat Symonds.

Jib Boom Club parade:

Rob Pittaway announced that he is researching the possibility of the JGTSCA building a float, possibly in conjunction with the Custom House Museum, which would participate in the annual Job Boom Club parade. Rob is investigating dates, requirements, etc.


Bill Rutherford announced that the JGTSCA has been offered a selection of natural crooks which could be used in a club project. The project would need to be a traditional boat for Club ownership, not a private member project.

December JGTSCA Meeting:

The next meeting will take place on December 1, 2013. Rob Pittaway is looking into the possibility of staging a potluck at the Custom House Museum.

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:46.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya
JGTSCA Secretary

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