Mystic Seaport Waterfront

John Gardner Chapter: November 2010 Meeting Minutes

President John Hacunda called the meeting to order at the McClave, Philbrick & Giblin (MP&G) boatyard in Mystic on 11-7-10 at 1:30pm. Thanks to Bruce Cresser for providing the venue and tour.

Note: Next meeting (12-5-10) will be held at the Custom house in New London at 1:30 pm along with a movie on building Irish Currach’s (host Rob Pittaway).

Introduction of members and guests:

John Hacunda (pres.), John Symons (vice pres.), Bill Armitage (treas.), Phil Behney (sec.), Sandy D’Esopo, Rob Pittaway, Andy Strode, George Spragg, Genevieve Favre, Bruce Cresser, Russ Smith, Tim Mooney, Scott Symons, Schuyler Symons, , Harry Meyer (guest), and Brian Mitcsh (new member).

Minutes from 10-3-10 were approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer’s report was read by Bill Armitage (balance of 2,437.15) and approved by the membership.

Note: Dues are due for 2011, amount $15.00.

Old Business:

Sandy D’Esopo gave an estimate for completing the shop vacuum system along with a sketch for members to review and make comments.

The club has placed an advertisement in “Messing about in Boats” for the sale of the McGregor Canoe which should appear in the December-January editions. We also purchased a subscription to the magazine in the name of the club.

Nominations for 2011 officers are closed, with Rob Pittaway accepting the position of Vice President unopposed.

Shop activities include:

• George Spragg has glassed the interior of his canoe and is progressing nicely.
• John Symons and son, Scott, are nearly finished stripping the interior of their runabout.
• John Hacunda has installed the oarlock blocks on his Skiff and is nearing a launch date (TBD).
• Paul Robertson is next in queue for shop project availability.
• Sandy D’Esopo will take on the Chaisson Dory project including cost of materials and will either keep the boat for himself or sell at the club’s annual tag and split the proceeds with the club.

Community Outreach:

Bill Armitage has met with Uconn officials and it was determined to use the Avery Point Dory for the Student project boat. Students will pay for boat materials before starting the class. Possible start of class will be in February running through May. Bill has proposed working two nights a week with two students, estimating 40-60 hours to complete project. Bill will work up a cost estimate to provide to the school. School will have an answer next month. Discussion followed.

New Business:

Bill Armitage will be placing an order for plywood for the school project and has offered to include member requests. (Shipping costs will be shared equally).

Rob Pittaway suggested making a donation to the Custom House; a motion was made and seconded to give a $50.00 donation to the Custom House.

Russ Smith asked the club to consider making a $500.00 donation to the New London community boating program with the possibility of having our club Logo placed on the sail of one of their boats. John suggested they come down to try our Dories. Russ will get more information and continue discussion at a future meeting.

Upcoming Events:

Ice Breaker at Hull, Ma. Nov 20.
December 4 or 5, American Star Races, Floating the Apple, New York, NY
See for details

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at: 2:10 pm.

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