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John Gardner Chapter: November 2008 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the November 2, 2008 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

President Behney in Avery Point Boathouse called the meeting to order at 1:40.P.M. In attendance were Phil Behney, Pres., Rob Pittaway, George Spragg, Andy Strode, John Hacunda, Russell Smith Treas., Bill Armitage, John Symons, Sec., and we welcomed new member Bruce Cresser.

Secretary’s Report

Report approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report
Tres. Russell Smith distributed and read report: Oct. bal. $3444.96 Expenses: oars $957.33, oarlocks $108.18, new trailer bearing buddies $17.00. New checkbook bal. $2207.15. Members voted to accept.

Old Business:

Russell took a group of Ledyard 9th graders to the Hull, MA Head of the Weir race in where they beat kids from the Sound School in corrected time. The next week they were beaten by the Sound Schools’ “A” team in the Plymouth Bay race.

A date for the membership tour of the Mystic Seaport small boat collection will be determined.

New Business:

Word received from Tom Duguay that he would like the JGTSCA, with Professor Steve Jones, to train a UConn student intern. This was received, enthusiastically by the members as another way to expand our usefulness in promoting interest in and preserving the traditions of small boat construction and use.

Boathouse signs – need to be repainted. Tim Weaver will be contacted for stencils.

John Symons will issue the ballots via email for the 2009 officers, who are:

President - Russell Smith

Vice President - John Hacunda

Treasurer - Bill Armitage or Andy Strode

John Symons - Secretary

Boathouse Projects

John Hacunda brought in his unfinished boat and is making good progress fitting the garboard.

The Sea Scout dory – Bill Armitage spoke to Marshall about removing it from the yard.

Avery Pt. Dory conversions – Two have been converted to double rowing stations and perform well. They will be stored at Mystic Shipyard East.

Donated boat – proposed finishing Kevlar covering of a hull frame.

Boat Trailers – A boat trailer that has been donated will be restored and used for the smaller boats. The new trailer will be dedicated to the John Gardner gig.

Upcoming Events:

Icebreaker Race November 22, 2008 Hull, MA

Lighted Boat Parade 6:00 P.M. November 29, 2008 Starts @ Mystic Seaport

Good of the Order: Please pickup, put away tools after a project; then cleanup the shavings and sawdust!

Motion to adjourn at 2:30PM

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