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John Gardner Chapter: May 4, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order at 1:35 pm by President John Symons.

1. Introductions:

The ten members present (John Symons, Brian Mitsch, John Stambaugh, James Clark, Phil Behney, Sandy D'Esopo, Ellie Czarnowski, George Spragg, Andy Strode, and John Hacunda) introduced themselves. A sign-up sheet was circulated.

New member John Stambaugh was welcomed.

President Symons thanked Wil Iturrino for presenting his beautiful new boat and familiy members following the April meeting. The boat is named in honor of Edwin Rivera, Wil's late cousin.

2. Secretary’s Report:

The Minutes of the April 6, 2014 Regular Business Meeting were accepted as posted on the JGTSCA website. Reading was waived.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Karen Rutherford was not in attendance, so the Treasurer's Report was skipped.

4. Old Business:

a. Earth Day Clean Up - Pine Island & Bluff Point:

Ellie Czarnowski reported that the Earth Day clean ups were successful. JGTSCA partnered with UConn faculty member Syma Ebbin and students for a clean up Pine Island on April 10. The clean up was followed by a cookout at the JGTSCA boathouse. Ellie mentioned that in the future JGTSCA members will need to sign a release form if they use the UConn boat for transport to the island.

A second clean up "Cache In, Trash Out" was held on April 26 and included Uconn Alumni and Eco-Huskies club members along with JGTSCA members. The club dories were used for transport to Bluff Point and were available for rowing.

Ellie Czarnowski also organized a trip to view the annual Alewife migration on May 3. The attendees observed this migration at Latimer Brook in East Lyme.

b. NINA construction:

George Spragg reported that we are still waiting for an order for 100 1 ¼”#8 screws. Sandy D'Esopo suggested that ordering 200 screws might be more appropriate based on his experience with the Chaisson Dory.

c. Fleet Report:

Phil Behney stated that all the club dories were now located at Avery Point and available for rowing. Phil reported that two new rollers had arrived and are available for transporting the boats across the sand.

John Symons is going to pick up special paint so that we can label the new rollers with the club stencil.

d. Shop Member Project Queue.

Sandy DeSopo said that his Chaisson Dory can be moved out of the boathouse because he can complete his work outside.

e. Radial Arm Saw:

The radial arm saw donated by Ellie Czarnowski's brother is now in the boathouse and will be available for sale during the Club Tag Sale.

f. John Gardner Small Craft Workshop:

The John Gardner Small Craft Workshop to be held in conjunction with the 2014 WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport Museum. There will be a TSCA booth at the WoodenBoat Show. For info go to:

5. New Business:

a. Sea Legs:

Andy Strode reported on the Sea Legs fundraiser held on May 1 at Mystic Seaport. Bruce Kirby noted boat designer was the featured speaker. Mr. Kirby is the designer of the successful Laser sailboat.

Andy noted that one of Sea Leg's boats, a Comet, has been purchased by a private party and there may be an opportunity to assist with preparing the boat for delivery.

b. Wooden Boat Show:

The Wooden Boat Show will be held June 27-29 at Mystic Seaport. Once again, the club's Avery Point dories will be available for rowing. Bill Rutherford is helping to organize the club's participation in the Small Craft Workshop.

c. JGTSCA Tag Sale:

JGTSCA Tag Sale is scheduled for Sat, June 7 from 8am - noon at the JGTSCA Boathouse. Members were urged to start bringing in items for the sale and to make sure that they price their items. The Tag Sale will be advertised in The Day, Groton Patch, Craigslist, and other event listings as available.

d: Sunday Rows:

Phil Behney mentioned that he would like to start organizing Sunday rows now that the weather is warming. Phil suggested rows to Mamacoke Island or Jordan Pond as possibilities. Here is some info on Mamacoke:

6. 2014 Activities:


Row: “Row for the Rum”, Essex, CT, May 10, 2014. A short “race” on the Connecticut River in matched boats, crewed by five crewmembers, at the Connecticut River Museum. The boats are supplied. The event remembers the British burning of the merchant fleet at Essex in 1812 and how the British stole the town’s entire rum supply. JGTSCA will participate. Rob Pittaway, Sandy D’Esopo, George Spragg, Shirley Iselin and John Symons have volunteered to be the JGTSCA crew. See:

Row: Essex River Race, Essex, MA, May 10, 9am. Wil Iturrino will be rowing his Northeaster dory in the race in honor of his late cousin SSG Edwin Rivera: See

Row: Saturday May 17th in New London harbor to welcome the C.W. Morgan. The C.W. Morgan will be towed down the Mystic River on its way to New London and the eventual start of the Morgan’s 38th voyage. The ship will spend a month in New London outfitting and training. The departure date from New London and all other dates become weather dependent after that. The voyage will end on August 9th. See:

Jon Persson sent email about an opportunity for organizations to row the three whaleboats on May 24, 25, 31, and June 1.


June 7, 8am - noon, Nautical Yard Sale, JGTSCA Boathouse.

Row: Small Craft Workshop, Mystic Seaport.

The John Gardner Small Craft Workshop to be held in conjunction with the 2014 WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport Museum on June 27-29. There will be a TSCA booth at the Wooden Boat Show. For info go to:


Row: Small Reach Regatta

Registration information on the 2014 Small Reach Regatta is available at: The event will be held August 20 to 24, 2014.and will again be run out of the Audubon Center on Hog Island in Muscongus Bay, Maine.

7. Introduction of presenter Brian Mitsch - Outboard Racing in the Midwest

8. Adjourment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:22pm, followed by the presentation by Brian Mitsch.

Respectfully submitted,
John Hacunda,

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