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John Gardner Chapter: May 2011 Meeting Minutes

President John Symons called the meeting to order at 2:36pm., at the Avery Point Campus boathouse.

The meeting was held after a successful Pine Island clean-up followed by our picnic which included Sea Scouts from “Ship Dragon”.

The “Uncle Flatty” skiff was christened in memory of our recently departed friend and fellow club member, Paul Robertson, in a short ceremony preceding the launch for Pine Island. Also in attendance were Paul’s sister, friends, and fellow band members. See our Facebook page for details and photos. Dave Williams from the Uncle Flatty band expressed thanks for honoring and including them in our event.

Introduction of members and guests:

John Symons (pres.), Phil Behney (sec.) ,Bill Armitage (treas.), Sandy D’Esopo, Rob Pittaway, John Hacunda, Andy Strode, George Spragg, Scott Symons, and Genevieve Favre.


The fundraising dinner at the “Dogwatch Café” was in lieu of the April meeting. There was no business conducted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer’s report was read by Bill Armitage (balance of: 2,967.15) and approved by the membership. Bill also reported a 100.00 donation from the “Dog Watch” café from our fund raising dinner in April. Bill reported 17 paid to date members.

Old Business:

Boathouse projects:

• Sandy D’Esopo reported finding parts for the Shop-Vac system and he will inventory and make a buy list.
• “Uncle Flatty” name plate has been completed and mounted on the transom of the boat by George Spragg.
• Sandy D’Esopo’s Chaisson Dory will be the next member project in shop.
• Chauncy’s “Pelican” project was cancelled.
• George Spragg will get permission for the Rossie Mill visit for a weekend day in June.
• The club trailer will be returned to the club as soon as Russ Smith finishes repairs to the gig trailer.

Fund Raising Activities:

The fundraising dinner at the “Dogwatch Café” was well attended and enjoyed by members and guests and resulted in a 100 dollar donation from the “Dogwatch Café”. Members agreed that this is an event that should be held again next year if available.

A fundraising dinner at “Senior Flaco’s” is proposed to be scheduled. As with the fundraising dinner at the “Dogwatch”, the restaurant would be contributing a percentage of the tab of anyone who mentions the club’s name, to the JGTSCA.

Tag Sale:

• The sale is tentatively scheduled for the second Saturday in June (June 11).
• Discussion followed regarding the dropping of “Nautical” in the tag sale name. “Nautical” will be kept on the tag sale posters as the club will be using the same ones as last year, but advertisement may drop the “nautical” description to broaden our reach to the public.
• A sign-up sheet was proposed to be put up in the shop for volunteers.
• John Hucunda will place an ad in ‘Craig’s List”.
• To save costs the club does not plan to place newspaper ads.

Community Outreach:

Keeping UCONN in the communication loop was discussed. Russ Smith has stated the contact person should be Randall Paterson, director of Student activities, and Russ will provide the necessary contact information.

New Business:

Possible ceiling repairs and a major shop clean up was discussed perhaps for the fall.

The “Avery Point Dories” will be brought into the shop for maintenance.

Upcoming Events:

Maritime picnic planned for May 5th.
Essex River Race in Essex, Massachusetts May 14th starting at 9am.
Mighty Merrimack in Amesbury Massachusetts May 23rd
Buzzards Bay in New Bedford Massachusetts June.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 3:17

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