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John Gardner Chapter: March 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guest and new members

President Dan Nelson opened the meeting at 1:30.
The custom of having individuals present introduce themselves was followed. Present were:
Andy Strode, David Tang, john Hacunda, Dane Rochelle, Rob Pittaway, Bryn Hammond, Ellie Czarnowski, Bill Armitage, Peter Vermilya, John Simons, Bill & Karen Rutherford, Leigh & Ron Rinehart, Kate Nelson, Larry Magee, George & Kate Spragg and Steve Barton.

Minutes for February Meeting

Alan Barton substituted for Steven Barton as secretary. Members unanimously voted to accept the minutes for 02/03/2017 as posted on the JGTSCA Web. See online

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski – presented her report. Income for the period ending 02/02/2017
Income $50.00 for members’ dues for Sharon Brown, Bill Meirer and Liesbeth Slosberg. The $25.00 check was cashed for the donated trailor purchased by Steve Barton.
Expenses: Check # 426 issued to Dan Nelson for the purchase of shop supplies for the amount of 60.41 and the purchase of stamps for the amount of 9.80. The closing balance as of 02/15/2016 is 6,122.11 Ellie’s Report was unanimously accepted as presented.

Old Business:

1. PJ is 99.97% done Karen Rutherford is working on the name plate for the Professor Jones with a few more coats on the rails and the install of the name plate the Processor Jones will be ready for its christening. I see a bar BQ on the Horizon.

2. Shop report: Dan Nelson and Bill Rutherford have completed their oars and Phil Behney moved his White hull in to the shop and is working hard on it.

3. Our trip to Newport to visit IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) went very well and we are hoping this will be an ongoing trend of impromptu gatherings.

4. John Hacunda is setting up a Google group for members of the club to advertise spontaneous rows, day trips and sailing adventures.

John Hacunda and Dan Nelson will be managers of the account and all members will have access to the account. All you need is a G-mail account.

New Business

1. President Dan Nelson is meeting with Professor Nat Trumbull to establish a dialog and find ways that JGTSCA can support the school and establish a stronger rapport with the faculty and students.

2. Pine Island cleanup is Thursday April 13, 11:00-12:00 at the Boat house for details on how to support please see the organizer Ellie Czarnowski.

3. Up and coming Warren River get together. Bring the 38 foot GIG boat down for week of the wooden boat show for the Atlantic challenge. Organizer Peter Vermilya.

4. Small boat workshop with the crew of the Brilliant. Dane Rochelle is the lead on this more info to come.

5. Coming in May Viking ship sendoff and rowing regatta.

6. Shannon Machesney rowing workshop

7. Interest in Small Boat Navigation theme for next Sunday meeting – June 4th 2017

8. During February’s meeting Bill Armitage put forth the motion to change the buy laws and extend the office of president to more than one year.

Any Other Business

1. While we work out the details of what project the club will support, sanding and re-varnish oars go on.

2. Rob Pittaway log time member of JGTSCA and member of the Jib Room Club that meets at the custom House in New London. The JIB Club sponsors a monthly lecture for future lecture series contact Rob Pittaway.

3. A Big thanks to John Hacunda for donating a small fridge to replace the old fridge that could not hold up to the rigors of defrosting.

Motion to adjourn: 2:30pm

Next Meeting: Friday, April 7th. 5:30pm Potluck, meeting at 6:30pm. UCONN Avery Point

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Barton, JGTSCA Secretary

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