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John Gardner Chapter: March 1, 2015 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President Ellie Czarnowski was in the Chair. She called the Meeting to order at 1:30pm.

Introduction of Members

Members Ellie Czarnowski, Peter Vermilya, John Symons, Bill Rutherford, Karen Rutherford, George Spragg, Andy Strode, John Hacunda, Bill Armitage, Phil Behney, Rob Pittaway, Bruce Cresser, John Stambough and Jim Clark were present, as well Ted and Judy Stanton.

1. Minutes from February 01, 2015 meeting

The Minutes for the 01/01/2015 Meeting, as published on the JGTSCA Website, were unanimously adopted.

2. Treasurers Report

Treasurer John Symons reported a Bank Balance of $4053.18. The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously adopted.
Ellie handed over to John a thumb drive she had purchased for use with the Treasurer’s records.

3. New Business

a. 2015 Membership Dues Report

John Symons reported that there are 18 paid up members for 2015.
Andy Strode checked the JGTSCA mailbox a week ago – it was empty.

b. NINA, club building project.

George Spragg stated that three seats were being fitted, boom jaws built, the mast step and partners were in place, and the riveting was 2/3rds done. Bruce Cresser has shaped the centerboard and will add the lead, apply an epoxy coating, and paint it with bottom paint. Bill Rutherford will be making gaff jaws, Karen Rutherford will build a sail this April using the Seaport’s sewing machine.
George reminded members that the Wednesday sessions at the Avery Point shop were still meeting from 9am until 3pm and that any member who could stop by would be welcome.

c. Fleet Report and Club Maintenance.

The Number 3 dory is ready to come into the shop once the SUSAN B. HOLLAND is finished. Bill Armitage is installing new foot risers in the HOLLAND.

d. Chaisson dory

Phil Behney and George Spragg will help Sandy D’Esopo take home his Chaisson dory.

e. Shop Queue

John Symons has right of first refusal for use of the club house for a personal project once the club dories have received their annual maintenance.

f. Bank account

Ellie Czarnowski will add her name as a signer to the JGTSCA Bank account.

4. New Business

a. Earth Day, April 18th.

UConn students and alumni will hold a “Cache in and Trash Out” event Saturday April 18th at Bluff Point. They have been offered the use of the club dories.

b. Pine Island clean up

Scheduled for Thursday, April 9th. UConn students will participate. JGTSCA members also are encouraged to participate but they will have to sign waivers if they ride in UConn boats. After the clean up, hamburgers and hotdogs will be available at the Club house.

5. Correspondence

Richard Lathrop (Sea-Legs) sent a letter saying

“We are about to acquire a huge inventory of sails and rigging from a classic yacht of the 'P-Class" variety--a wooden yawl about 55 feet long. These sails are in VERY good condition with their own bags and covers. The other gear is also excellent and includes a 23 (approx.) ft spruce spar complete with bronze gooseneck. There are two sets of bronze winches, etc., etc. While we can't give any of this gear away, we can sell it. And our goal is to start turning it into revenue as soon as the pending transaction is complete. Your may know of some projects out there that could benefit from this gear and could purchase it from Sea-Legs, Inc. It will all be very reasonably priced, of course”.

For further info contact:
Sea-Legs, Inc.
19 Guthrie Place
New London, CT 06320
(860) 442-2704
(860) 912-5393

6. 2015 Activities:

Business meeting Friday 3 April 5:30 Pot Luck supper
Pine Island Cleanup with UConn students Thursday 9 April (waivers to be signed)
Cache in Trash Out event Saturday 18 April

Business meeting Friday ? 5:30 Pot Luck supper
Membership Meeting - Avery Point Campus Boathouse

Business meeting and Prep for Tag Sale Friday 5:30 Pot Luck Supper

Business meeting and possible Sail & Row to Bluff Pt for picnic and sailing the OPHELIA

7. Motion to Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was unanimously adopted at 2:03pm

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

After Meeting Presentation:

Ted Stanton gave an informative and entertaining introduction to both his model of the Catboat "Breck Marshall" and to his experiences giving museum visitors rides on the boat in the Mystic River.




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