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John Gardner Chapter: March 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Philip Behney at 1:51pm.

1. Introductions

Each person present introduced himself/herself. 12 members were present.

2. Minutes:

The reading of the 02/03, 2013 Minutes was waived. The Minutes were accepted as presented on the JGTSCA Website.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurers report was presented by Karen Rutherford, Treasurer. It was accepted as presented and is attached to these Minutes.

4. Old Business:

a. Private Shop Projects:
Bill Armitage reported that his boat is now out of the shop and that he needs only to complete his oars in order to be finished with his use of the shop.

b. Shop Queue: Phil Behney, John Symons, Sandy D’Esopo, and Ellie Czarnowski

c. Club Dories: Dory #4 is being worked on in the Shop. Thanks go to Bruce Cresson who has contributed significantly to this dory’s progress.
Phil Behney said he will take Dory #2 to the West Mystic Shipyard East this week.

d. Donated equipment: Bill Armitage reported that the three stationary shop tools donated to the JGTSCA by the Waterford School System had been successfully sold for total income of $1350.00:

Sander $300.00
Drill Press $150.00
Table Saw $900.00

e. Phil Behney will follow up on a tentative offer made by the buyer of the table saw to donate his old table saw to the JGTSCA. If the offer proves to be genuine, the possible purchase of a SawStop table saw may be abandoned. Peter Vermilya will work up a suitable letter acknowledging the donation if it takes place.

Sandy D’Esopo said that he was breaking up his shop. He has donated a sander and Delta sharpening machine to the JGTSCA shop on the condition that these tools are not sold at the Tag Sale. He offered to sell to the JGTSCA his table saw if the above donation does not pan out.
Bill Armitage was authorized to spend up to $200.00 on two battery powered drills.

f. Club Shop Project NINA:
Plywood is on hand for building the molds and frames. The molds will be built this week.
Members present decided that the bottom would be sheet plywood.

g. President Behney reiterated the need to maintain an orderly shop for the sake of efficiency and safety. Members present voted to mount
the plywood shelf on the west wall of the shop.

h. Karen Rutherford reported that she had successfully updated the club trailer registration. Members who use the trailer should be sure to bring with them a copy of the registration. Copies of the registration and the key to the trailer lock will be hung by the small access door near the first aid box. The driver’s private car insurance will be the insurance in effect when a member uses the trailer.

5. New Business

a. Committee Reports:

i. JGSCW: Bill Rutherford reported that planning was successfully underway for the JG Small Craft Workshop, to be held June 29 and 30, 2013 at Mystic Seaport Museum. Several workshops have been finalized or are in process, including one on sculling. Sandy D’Esopo volunteered to be on the JGTSCA SCW Committee and said he would give a workshop on tool sharpening if it is approved by the National TSCA JGSCW Committee. A copy of the Mystic Seaport Museum text and photos which were released to the various TSCA chapters is attached to these minutes.
Jim Clark and John Symons volunteered to bring a JGTSCA dory to the SCW. They will monitor the boat’s use and ensure that the boat is be equipped with JGTSCA PFDs.

ii. Annual Tag Sale: John Symons said that only three months remained until the Annual Tag Sale, scheduled for the second Sunday in June. Items must be priced in advance by the donor. If a donated item does not sell and the donor does not retrieve the item, it may go to the dump. If a donor leaves an item on consignment and the price is negotiable, the donor must stay on hand to do the negotiating. No items will be sold prior to the new opening time which is 8am. The Sale, located at the JGTSCA Boat house, will end at 12 noon.

iii. Pine Island Clean Up: Ellie Czarnowski will contact UCONN officials to ensure coordination of efforts.

iv. Sandy D’Esopo said he would investigate the “Go for a Row” event held during the summer by the Groton Parks and recreation Department at its Beebe Cove, Noank, facility.

b. Russ Smith: Rowing activities
Russ, who was accompanied by Bob Berry, Assistant Coach at Ledyard Rowing, reported that Sean Bercaw and Bob Berry had recently placed first in their class (Double – Livery) at the 2013 Snow Row, 3/2/2013, rowing in the SUSAN B HOLLAND. The HOLLAND was the second boat to be built to the Chetticamp 19 model by Floating the Apple. As some doubt exists about the present ownership of the SUSAN B HOLLAND, Russ was authorized to write to Floating the Apple, in the name of the JGTSCA, to investigate the boat’s status. Phil Behney will review the letter before it is sent.

c. Mystic Seaport Museum Boat House
Al Burnett, Director of the MSM Boathouse, gave a short report on the Boat House activities. During the summer season, roughly from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, the Boathouse rents a selection from its 30 rowboats and sailboats to Museum visitors. The sailboats include seven Beetlecats and some workboat sail types. Sailboat renters are vetted as to ability, rowboat renters are not. Visitors can purchase a ride aboard the BRECK MARSHALL, a Seaport built replica of a Crosby catboat, and a Herreshoff motor launch, the RESOLUTE. The L. Francis Herreshoff ketch, ARAMINTA, with captain, can be chartered. Al Burnett hopes to revive Beetlecat racing on Tuesday evenings.
During the winter season, a volunteer squad maintains the Boat Shop boats on a four day a week schedule. Volunteers are eagerly sought for work on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Al Burnett also said that the replica catboat PEGGOTTY, built by Robert Baker in 1978, has recently come back to MSM. The original PEGGOTTY was built prior to the US Civil War and was used for ferry and transport purposes for some fifty years until she was abandoned on the east shore of the Sakonnet River in Rhode Island. She was rescued by the Little Compton, RI, artist Sidney Burleigh and converted by him into a thatched roof studio. Baker took the lines off the original and built the replica for Charles Lee, a New York banker. PEGGOTTY needs volunteers to do some restoration work (mostly cosmetic) before she can sail again.

6. The meeting was adjourned at 3:27pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, TSCA Secretary

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