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John Gardner Chapter: March 2011 Meeting Minutes

President John Symons called the meeting to order at 1:30 P.M. at the Avery Point Boat House.

Introduction of members and guests:

John Symons (pres.), Bill Armitage (treas.), Phil Behney (sec.), Bruce Cresser, Sandy D’Esopo, George Spragg, Rob Pittaway, Genevieve Favre, Bob Reed, and Scott Symons were in attendance.

Minutes from February 6, 2011 were approved as distributed. (see website:

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer’s report was read by Bill Armitage (balance of 2,577.15) and approved by the membership.

Bill Armitage reported that, as of this meeting, the club has 14 paid members as compared to a total of 28 paid members for the whole of the preceding year.

Old Business:

Pine Island Cleanup Day:

• Russ Smith (not in attendance) has reported that he spoke to the band leader of “Uncle Flatty” and was told they will try to attend the Pine Island cleanup in memory of our club member and their band member, Paul Robertson who passed November 27, 2010.
• The Sea Scouts plan to participate in the annual Pine Island cleanup.

Discussion for the sale of the “Rob Roy” canoe was tabled.

The Rossie Mill visit is still in the planning stages and is tentatively being scheduled for March or April.

The “Small Craft Workshop” at the Mystic Seaport is scheduled for the same weekend as the “Wooden Boat Show.” Chauncy Rucker will be the liaison for these events.

A Spring Equinox / Saint Patrick’s Day row is planned for Sunday, March 20th, leaving Mystic Shipyard East at 9 A.M. sharp. Anyone interested should show up at the appointed time and place.

Sandy D’Esopo has compiled a list for the dust collection system and will submit an expense reimbursement to the treasurer.

The “Uncle Flatty” name stencil will be ready in a week or two. Wooden plaques will need to be made at the club house to be fastened to the boat.

The Symons runabout project needs participation from members to help prepare for refinishing. The hope is for the boat to be ready for small craft weekend.

Bruce Cresser submitted a plan of action for the restoration of Sandy D’Esopo’s “Chaison Dory.” Sandy has accepted responsibility for this as his personal project, and will take on the costs making a submission of a budget to the treasurer unnecessary.

Rob Pittaway reported that the fund raising dinner at the “Dog Watch” in Stonington is on for March 28th. Please try to attend with guests, friends, spouse or significant other. The club will receive a percentage of the receipts from anyone stating that they are there on behalf of the John Gardner Chapter of Tradition Small Craft Association.

New Business:

George reported evicting a mouse living in the gas grill.

Upcoming Events

• Friday Meetings, 6:30 P.M, Boat building, Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT (weekly)
• March 12, 11 A.M. - Snow Row, Boathouse, Hull, MA
• April member meeting - March 28, 2011, Dog Watch Café @ Dodson’s Boat Yard, Stonington Borough. Dinner 6:00 P.M. Meeting 7:00 P.M.
• March 20: Spring Equinox/Saint Patrick’s Row on the river, club excursion leaving MSYE at 9 A.M.
• The Sea Scouts have asked the John Gardner Chapter of Tradition Small Craft Association to once again participate in the Maritime College and Career Fair at UCONN Avery Point on April 14 - 5-7 P.M.

Good of the Order:

The Club wishes to thank Capt. Dan Nelson of the Research Vessel Connecticut, for welcoming members and guests aboard to explore on Friday evening and for his informative presentation about its purpose and activities.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 2:12 P.M.

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