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John Gardner Chapter: June 5, 2015 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President Ellie Czarnowski called the Meeting to order at 5:35pm.

Introduction of Members

Members Ellie Czarnowski, Peter Vermilya, John Symons, Bill Rutherford, Karen Rutherford, Bruce Cresser, Dane Rochelle, George Spragg, Andy Strode, Phil Behney, Bill Armitage, Jim Clark, Sandy D’Esopo, Rob Pittaway and Larry Magee were present.

1. Minutes for the May 1, 2015 meeting

The Minutes for the 05/01/2015 Meeting, as published on the JGTSCA Website, were unanimously adopted after a correction was made to the dates of the WoodenBoat Show.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Symons reported that the JGTSCA bank balance was $4,081.33 as of 6/5/2015. There was no income for the month, while expenses were $78.16.

3. Old Business

a. Club bank account

Ellie Czarnowski has been added as a signatory to the account, Karen Rutherford has been dropped.

b. Membership Dues report.

New member Dane Rochelle paid his dues, in person, for 2015. There are now 31 paid members for 2015.

c. NINA, Club building project.

Bruce Cresser has installed the centerboard, the seats are installed and Andy Strode and George Spragg have painted the boat. The hardware needs to be installed.

d. Fleet Report and Club Fleet Maintenance.

Phil Behney reported that John Symons, Bill Armitage and others have been doing a wonderful job working on the club boats.

e. Shop Queue

Sandy D’Esopo reported that his Chaisson dory was 80% finished. It will be for sale at the JGTSCA Annual Tag Sale.
John Symons is next in the shop queue to be followed by Phil Behney.

f. Establishing a regularly scheduled event at a definite location:

No further developments were reported.

g. Non on-water excursions

No further developments were reported.

h. Communications/Outreach

No further developments were reported,

i. JGTSCA logo and mugs, hats:

No further developments were reported.

4. New Business

a. Chaisson Dory and Shop Queue:

There was further discussion of Sandy D’Esopo’s May 2015 offer to the club in which he proposed that the Club sell his Chaisson dory at the June 6th Tag Sale for a set price of $2600.00. Of this $2600.00, $1600.00 would go to Sandy and $1000.00 would go to the club. The Club would then put its $1000.00 toward the purchase of a SawStop table saw.

Sandy passed out copies of his draft grant proposal addressed to SawStop for comment.
It was decided that the grant request should come from JGTSCA and not the national TSCA.
Further discussion was tabled until the July meeting.

b. WoodenBoat Show/Small Craft Workshop

WBS: 26-28 June; SCW: 27&28 June at Mystic Seaport Museum.
Bill Rutherford urged members to register for the Small Craft Workshop to be held in conjunction with the WoodenBoat Show and handed out applications. He then listed some of the Show and Tell/workshops which are scheduled to occur. Among others, JGTSCA members Rob Pittaway and Sid Whelan will talk about the design of the Robin class and the beginnings of TSCA, respectively.

For further information:

Two JGTSCA dories will be on hand managed by Andy Strode and Jim Clark.
Bill and Karen Rutherford will host a barbecue at their house (26 Northwest St, Stonington, CT 06378) beginning at 6pm on Saturday night.

c. Correspondence

A membership renewal and a donation of $50.00 was received from Stew Roberts.

d. Holiday Dinner (12/06/2015)

Rob Pittaway will arrange for the use of the Custom House Museum for the JGTSCA December meeting. Candidates for Speaker include the Director of the Custom House Museum and Brooks Kuhn from North Stonington who stayed for a month on the Race Rock Lighthouse which was turned into a film for National Geographic Channel’s reality series “The Watch”.

e. Annual tag Sale

Ellie Czarnowski thanked John Symons and John Hacunda for their work publicizing the Tag Sale.

5. 2015 Activities:


Annual Tag Sale, Saturday, June 6th, 8am to 12 noon.
Wooden Boat Show, June 26 thru 28th, Mystic Seaport
Small Craft Workshop, June 27th and 28th, Mystic Seaport

July - August

Business meeting TBD
Sail and Row to a beach (TBD) for picnic and sailing the Ophelia (and the NINA). Having this event at the Avery Point Boat House was suggested.

September – October
Row the Lieutenant River in Old Lyme, Lunch at the Morning Glory Café.

6. Motion to Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was unanimously adopted at 6:35pm

7. After meeting activities

Preparations for tomorrow’s Tag sale

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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