Mystic Seaport Waterfront

John Gardner Chapter: June 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes
UConn Avery Point Campus Boathouse

Members Present

VP Phil Behney, George Spragg, John Hacunda, Bill Rutherford, Sid Whelan, and Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski.

VP Phil opened the meeting at 1:50 pm.

The May minutes motion to accept was tabled.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance as of 15-May-18 was $5,120.88 Motion to accept by Sid Whelan and second by John Hacunda.


Karen Rutherford presented Ellie with 100 newly designed postcards to be used for reminding or thanking members for paying their dues. Karen requested $20 in reimbursement for paper and printer toner.

Regarding Year End Luncheon: the Customs House in New London has been reserved. Bill Armitage reported via Phil that Sean Bercaw is not available. Discussion followed about possible speakers. Bill R. will ask Ben Ellcome and Walter Ansel and Ben fuller. Members are encouraged to inquire with other possible speakers.

The Wooden Boat Show will have a rowing workshop this year. Phil to bring club boats over to the Mystic Seaport and retrieve them upon closing. There will be sailing at 4 pm both Friday and Saturday. Bill R is still looking for presenters for the JGTSCA tent, please contact him if you are interested. There will be a BBQ Saturday night at the Rutherford’s in Stonington Borough. Please bring your musical instruments for a jam session.

Boat Building: The Good Little Skiff is ready to have the strongbacks built.


The new fridge was donated by Steve Barton. Thank you. And a special Thank you to George for taking the old one away.

Bill R. :

Reported that there will be a Maine Small Craft Celebration in Portland ME 22-23 Sept. Please contact Bill for more information.

Also reporting the ME Small Reach Regatta is July25-29. Dan is going as well as Bill and Karen, Please contact Bill for more information.

Also reporting the Viking Days at the Mystic Seaport June 16-17. There will be rowing and sailing activities and demonstrations. Norwegian style dories will be available. Bill R and Andy will be volunteering at the waterfront. Any other members willing to volunteer should contact Bill R.

There was a discussion regarding encouraging new members. Sid will ask Sharon Brown at the Seaport if she has contact with past participants in the sailing program to enable the club to reach out to them for membership.

Phil will be leading a full moon row 8:00 pm Thursday 28 June at Mystic Shipyard East. Please contact him for more information.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting Friday Sept 7 @ 5:30 pm for pot luck supper and meeting to follow at the boat club shop UCONN Avery Pt campus Groton, CT.

Meeting adjourned 2:28 pm.

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