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John Gardner Chapter: June 5, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Sunday, June 05, 2016 1:30 pm

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

Phil Behney, Jim Clark, Dan Nelson, Andy Strode, Bill Armitage, Bill & Karen Rutherford, were present.

Minutes from February meeting

Members present unanimously voted to accept the Minutes for 5/6/2016 as posted on the JGTSCA Website.
See online at:

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski emailed in her Report for the period ending May 15, 2016. Members present unanimously voted to accept the Report which is attached to these Minutes. New expenses this month: Mamacoke Row charge to launch at marina $50 (due to high winds); Phil Behney. Club Dory expenses for materials and wood $84.20; Dan Nelson. Both were approved; Phil and Dan to forward to Ellie for processing.

Old Business

1. Status of New Dory Build

Vice President and Lead Builder Dan Nelson reported that the bottom plank has been fit to the boat, fastened and joints covered with fiberglas tape. Next steps include finishing taping, finishing the bottom and then flipping for work on the interior. Work on the dory is ongoing on Wednesdays during the day or Friday nights at the Avery Point Clubhouse. The Friday work sessions usually run from 6:30pm to about 8pm. All members are invited to take part.

2. Boat rack for holding dories at Mystic Shipyard East

Phil Behney reported that he has the design and will be putting the rack together as weather allows. Part of the necessary lumber is already on hand.

3. Second club trailer – licensing

Bill Rutherford is to check on the viability of registering the trailer Dane Rochelle donated. Alternatively, Ron Reinhart has offered to donate a similar trailer which would be able to be registered.

4. Status of oar re-leathering and varnishing.

We thanked Andy Strode for his efforts varnishing six oars the week before the Mamicoke Island row on 5/15/2016. The Row itself was a great success (see newsletter report). Phil and Dan recommended a return trip later in the year, perhaps in the fall.

5. Shop Queue

The shop queue is: the replacement dory, Dan Nelson’s Sou’wester Dory, Phil Behney, Bill Rutherford and Steve Barton. Individual projects may be worked in around these projects.

New Business

1. Sale of the “Nina”

It was agreed that it is in the best interest of the Chapter and the boat that we find it a new home. After some discussion, it was agreed to set a price of $2,200 which would barely cover costs.

These funds will then be returned to the treasury for use by members on another build, thereby offering our membership continuing, hands-on, boatbuilding experience. The design and type of construction of a follow-up build to be determined in future. It was decided to spiff up “Nina” and take her to the WoodenBoat Show/John Gardner Small Craft Workshop and offer for tryout and sale. The trailer, registered or not, will be added at no additional cost. The Membership will be advised in advance, in case one of our members would like to own “Nina” in advance of the boat show.

2. John Gardner Small Craft Workshop/WoodenBoat Show

This annual event is planned for the weekend of June 24-26 at Mystic Seaport Museum.The usual early morning rows up and down the Mystic River will take place, as well as workshops and demonstrations. Thad Danielson is already scheduled to give a presentation about the Albert Strange boat that he is planning to build. A 22 ft. New Haven Sharpie is coming as well as a John Gardner Gunning Dory. Ben Fuller plans to lead tours of the Small Craft Collection in Rossie Mill. Please plan to attend and enjoy the Show.

NINA will be on available for sailing and the JGTSCA dories will be on hand for rowing. Phil plans to deliver the dories to the Seaport Thursday evening and return them Sunday evening. Contact Phil to assist. Members: please bring your boats to share. If need assistance in getting them there, please let us know.

If members don’t go to the Saturday night WoodenBoat dinner in honor of John Harris and Chesapeake Light Craft, you will be more than welcome at a barbecue hosted by Bill and Karen Rutherford at their home in nearby Stonington. Please let Karen ( know you are coming and feel free to bring a side dish or whatever goes with provided hamburgers, hotdogs and salad.

Registration forms for the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop are on line at Mystic Seaport’s website. Registration includes the workshop and admission to the WoodenBoat Show for the weekend.

3. JGTSCA Regatta for Oar and Sail

Ellie Czarnowski will circulate further information on this event, which is highly weather dependent.

Other Business

There was no other business.

Next Meeting:

We take the Summer (July & August) off, so our next meeting is Friday, September 9th at the
UCONN Avery Point boathouse. Potluck to start at 5:30 pm with meeting to follow.

Motion to Adjourn

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter T. Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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