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John Gardner Chapter: June 2, 2013 Meeting Minutes

TThe meeting was called to order by President Philip Behney at 1:40 pm.

1. Introductions:

Each person present introduced himself/herself. 10 members were present.

Members present observed a moment of silence in memory of Louise Pittaway. It was decided to give $300.00 in her memory in support of one or more of the following institutions:

The National Light House Foundation
The Custom House Museum (New London)
The Avery Point Light House Society

2. Minutes:

The reading of the April 07, 2013 Minutes was waived. The Minutes were accepted as presented on the JGTSCA Website. There was no business meeting 05/05/2013.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurers report was presented by Karen Rutherford, Treasurer. It was accepted as presented and is separately posted on the JGTSCA Website. The current bank balance was $5419.03 as of 5/31/13.

Karen asked that all members with outstanding expense receipts submit them to her forthwith.

Bruce Cresser listed his expenses for the NINA project to date, but then very generously refused compensation for them. This was much appreciated by the members present.

President Behney announced a new policy for payment for the sodas and other food consumed at Chapter events. Members can still contribute money to the coffee can near the refrigerator for soda they consume, but should no longer use the money in the coffee can to recompense themselves for expenses they incur when purchasing soda or other food for Chapter consumption. Members should give their expense receipts to Karen for compensation. As of 2013, annual member dues now include an additional $5.00 to be used for food expenses. Karen will use this money and any donations in the coffee can to pay for Chapter food expenses. This will allow the Chapter to develop a better idea of annual food costs and to budget for same.

4. Old Business:

a. Private Shop Projects:

Phil Behney’s Whitehall is in the shop.

b. Shop Queue: John Symons (July 1), Sandy D’Esopo (October 1), and Ellie Czarnowski (January 1).

c. The four club dories are available for use by JGTSCA members.

d. Pine Island clean-up:

The annual clean-up of Pine Island, 5/5/2013, was a success. However, the participation by the Sea Scouts was minimal, although appreciated. Several ideas for working with other groups next year to gain public exposure for the Chapter were discussed. Ellie Czarnowski will pursue her contact with Syma Ebbins, a faculty member of the UCONN Avery Point Marine Sciences department. President Behney requested that members come up with other ideas that involved the JGTSCA interacting with the public as well as the University.

e. Chapter shop project, NINA:

Bruce Cresser, who has been the lead builder on the NINA project, can no longer act as such as he will be located in the Bristol, RI area for the near future. He will review the progress to date, however, before leaving, paying special attention to the location of the molds. He made a request to members who had agreed to provide some of the constituent parts of the boat to make good on their commitments.
Bruce said that the shop needed a four foot and an 18” level. John Symonds will contribute a long level and an 18” level will be purchased.|

f. President Behney said that the overall neatness of the shop has improved but that eternal vigilance is necessary.

5. New Business

a. Committee Reports:

i. John Gardner Small Craft Workshop (JGSCW):

Bill Rutherford gave an update on the rapidly upcoming John Gardner Small Craft Workshop. It will be held June 28, 29 and 30, 2013, from 9am to 5pm, at Mystic Seaport Museum in conjunction with the 2013 WoodenBoat Show.

Extensive event details are available at:
Be sure to look at “Welcome Letter to Participants” which gives a complete description of the event and how to “work” it as a participant. You can also download a registration form.

Bill strongly advised members to register in advance and to take advantage of the TSCA membership special admission rate.

Per the March JGTSCA business meeting minutes, Jim Clark and John Symons have volunteered to work with Phil Behney to deliver the club dories and the Susan B. Holland to the JGSCW and to monitor the use of the boats while there.
Al Burnett was elected as an honorary member of the JGTSCA.

ii. Annual Tag Sale:

The Annual Tag Sale, organized by John Symons, is scheduled for June 8, the second Saturday in June. The JGTSCA chapter realizes a considerable amount of operating cash from this event so please participate.

Items must be priced in advance by the donor. If a donated item does not sell and the donor does not retrieve the item, it may go to the dump. If a donor leaves an item on consignment and the price is negotiable, the donor must stay on hand to do the negotiating. No items will be sold prior to the new opening time which is 8am. Sellers should arrive around 7am to set up. The Sale, located at the JGTSCA Boat house, will end at 12 noon.

John Hacunda said he will place ads on the New London Craig’s List and the Groton Patch.

iii. Trips/Outings:

1. John Symons said he was still working out the details for a row on Gardner’s Lake, located near Salem CT. John said that there was a good put-in place and parking lot. Sandy DeSopo will help set a date.

2. Phil Behney is working on a club outing to Fishers Island to visit the Ferguson Museum. The Museum, in cooperation with the Custom House Maritime Museum of New London, is opening an exhibit, June 29th, on the building and history of the Race Rock light. Rowing to the island was discussed in a prior meeting. No date has been set.

3. A possible tour of the RV CT with Captain Dan in the Fall was discussed.

6. Calendar of Events:

1) Sept 20-22, Maritime Festival, 10am – 4pm
Greenport, NY

7. There will be no regular monthly business meetings in July or August of 2013.

President Behney will schedule an interim Executive meeting if needed.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 2:43pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, TSCA Secretary

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