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John Gardner Chapter: June 2009 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the June 7, 2009 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

President Russell Smith called the meeting to order at 1:31.P.M. at the Avery Point Boathouse. In attendance were John Symons, Larry Magee, Phil Behney, George Spragg, Wil Iturriino, Chauncy Rucker, Andy Strode.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary’s report was approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Armitage distributed report for May showing income of $15 for new member dues and expenses

of $94.16 for Pine Island cleanup picnic food for Sea Scouts leaving a month end balance of $2,083.95

Motion to accept was approved.

Old Business:

The Small Craft Workshop was discussed. A turnout of about 30 registered was reported. Many seemed to be veterans of past events who seemed to be enjoying themselves. The JGTSCA was well represented along with their boats such as George Spragg sending the day giving rides in this proud looking catboat and Andy Stode offering test rows in his boat. Chauncy Rucker reported on the demonstration of hollow paddle construction and laser scanning to record a boat’s lines. He also passed on information that in the future the Seaport would like someone to organize the event but would be on hand to launch boats and install docks.

Nautical Tag Sale - volunteers and sale items are still needed for the Nautical Tag Sale coming up next weekend.

New Signs - Russell commented on the “great looking” signs George and Andy have made and installed suggesting the old signs be displayed inside.

Non-profit status - Russell reported that he is still working with Sid Whelan on making the club’s non-profit status official and that the Southeastern CT Foundation will help for a $50 fee.

New Business:

Selden Island campout in the CT river is coming up on 2 weeks

Sunday morning rows - Russell proposed changing the Sunday morning rows to Saturday mornings.

Boat donations - Two “odd looking” boats have turned up outside the boathouse as donations to the club and suggestions were made on their disposal including their inclusion in the Nautical Tag Sale next Sat.

Susan B. Holland - Larry brought up the need for a sturdy towing ring for the Susan B. Holland. The stem is inaccessible because the bow has a sealed off floatation chamber so a hole thru the stem was recommended.

Boathouse Projects:

John Hacunda’s new 12’ skiff is nearing completion. Planking almost done and ready for gunwales.

Bill Armitage's new boat is in the shop for a new coat of paint.

Phil Behney will begin work on his new boat.

Upcoming Events:

The Nautical Tag Sale – Boat shop parking lot, June 13Th. 9A.M to 2P.M., donations needed

Campout on Selden Island in the Connecticut River to be determined. Possible combined with messabout.

Wooden Boat Show – Mystic Seaport, June 26 – 28, TSCA needs JGTSCA to help man the booth.

Messabout – date to be determined – staff to be formed to handle food, destination, participates, etc.

Good of the Order:

It was decided that membership meetings would be suspended for the months of July and August.

Motion to adjourn at 2:17 P.M.

Next Meeting: 1:30 P.M. on Sept 1, 2009 at Avery Point Campus

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