Mystic Seaport Waterfront

John Gardner Chapter: January 5, 2018 Meeting Minutes
UConn Avery Point Campus Boathouse

Members Present

Dane Rochelle, David Tang, Dan Nelson, Steve Barton, Larry Magee and Phil Behney.

Welcomed Guests

Professor Mathew McKenzie and Maggie Waldron

Minutes from December Meeting – See online at:
Dan Nelson – Submitted the minutes - Motion to accept
Phil Behney second by Dave Tang.

Treasurer’s Report

Ellie Czarnowski - Additions or corrections - Motion to accept
Dan Nelson seconded by Dave Tang

Old Business

1. Solstice row- Eight members met in Mystic Shipyard-East and rowed up the Mystic River to Mystic Seaport. Following the row ten members met At the Harp and Hound for food and libations and a good time was had by all.

Phil Behney gave use a brief history on the solstice row and why he changed the time for the start of the solstice row. We were all thankful for John Symons’s generosity at the Harp and Hound.

2. Bylaws- A final motion was passed to accept the Bylaws as they stand with an option to modify to better define the length of time an officer can hold a particular office.

3. Shop Queue – upkeep of club dories, new club boat to be discussed at next meeting. Club members will be making 4 sets of club oars 3 sets will be 7 feet and one set is 7.5 feet. UConn student Maggie Waldron will be starting her school project with the help of Dan Nelson and other designated mentors.

New Business

1. Cradle for the Susan Holland.

2. The Member at Large Dan Nelson will be going over Shop policies, safety and procuring materials for club and Maggie’s oars.

3. UConn student Maggie Waldron School project, apprenticeship.

Other Business

1. A big shout out and thank you: To Phil Behney for the work he put in to the success of the Solstice row and John Symons for his generosity at the Harp and Hound.

2. A thank you to Dan Nelson for his efforts and leadership skills as President during 2017.

3. A thank you to the other officers who make our club a success.

4. Big thank you to John Hacunda for the services he provides to the JGTSCA.

5. Good luck to Maggie on her oars.

Next Meeting:

Friday, February 2nd, 2017. Potluck @ 1730 with meeting to follow.
Building 36 (Boat Shop) UCONN – Avery Point.

Motion to Adjourn
Steve Barton second Phil Behney

Meeting Adjourned @ 1910

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Barton, JGTSCA Secretary

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