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John Gardner Chapter: January 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guest and new members

President Dan Nelson opened the meeting at 6:30.
Intendance: Phil Behney, Bill Armitage, Jim Roof, Dave Tang, Ron Reinhart, Leish Reinhart, John Hacunda, Rob Pittaway, Alan Barton, Peter Vermilya, Jim Clark, Ellie Czarnowski, Dane Rochelle, Bill Rutherford and Guest Nicholas Alley.

Minutes for January Meeting

Alan Barton substituted for Steven Barton as sectary. Members unanimously voted to accept the minutes for 01/06/2017 as posted on the JGTSCA Web. See online

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski emailed in her report for period ending December 15, 2016. Report was unanimously voted to accept the report which is attached to these Minutes. Expenses New London Maritime Society rental $150.00 and payment to Dan Nelson for light Ballasts from Home Depo for up keep of JGTSC Avery point home location. Income $25.00 Steve Barton purchased trailer that was donated to club. The closing balance was 5,989.12. Ellie’s report was unanimously accepted as reported.

Old Business:

1. Boat Rack: Bill & Keren Rutherford, Dave Tang, Dane Rochelle, Phil Behney and Steve Barton gathered at the Mystic shipyard East across the tracks by Mystic train station for the successful installation of the club’s new Boat rack.

2. Solstice Row: after questioning the integrity of the weather and seeing to the completion of the Boat rack a window of opportunity presented itself. Participating in the Row was Dane Rochelle, Dave Tang, Phil Behney and Steve Barton. To shake off the cold Rowers adjourned to the Harp and Hound.

3. Thickness planer: Larry Magee, Steve Barton and Jim Friedlander.

4. Shop queue: club boat “Professor Jones”, Bill Armitage, Bill Rutherford, Alan Barton, Jim Friedlander and Phil Behney.
A decisions have been made concerning the shops’ queue, the building of the club dory The Professor Jones will continue but once completed the clubs focus will be on the other club dorys that are in need of some TLC. Once The Professor Jones is completed the shop will have space enough for another member to start their project.
Steve Barton has completed the first stage of his boat and will wait until Spring time to complete the assembly of his Fol Bot boat. Phil Behney has decided to wait as well leaving Bill Armitage as the next person in the queue. Bill Rutherford will be building a set of 0ars.

New Business

Newport RI, tour of IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) to see the progress the school has made on the Historic 1893 racing Yacht the Coronet. Dates will be confirmed by email.

Motion to adjourn: 7:40pm

Next Meeting: Friday, February 3rd. 5:30 Potluck, meeting at 6:30pm. UCONN Avery Point

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Barton, JGTSCA Secretary

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