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John Gardner Chapter: January 08, 2016 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President Ellie Czarnowski called the Meeting to order at 6:12pm.

1. Introduction of Members and Guests

Ellie Czarnowski, Bill Rutherford, Peter Vermilya, Dan Nelson, John Hacunda, Larry McGee, Andy Strode, John Symons, Bill Armitage, Jim Clark, George Spragg, Rob Pittaway, Karen Rutherford, Phil Behney, Dane Rochelle, Sidney Whelan, Ron Reinhart, Steve Barton, Marissa Lacoursiere were present.

2. Minutes for the December 06, 2015 meeting

The Minutes for the 12/06/2015 Meeting, as published on the JGTSCA Website, were unanimously adopted.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Symons reported that Income since the last meeting was $30.00, consisting of dues from Bill Armitage and Axel Westerberg. Expenses totaled $459.04, consisting of $359.04 for the purchase of the plywood for the replacement dory and a $100.00 donation to the New London Custom House Museum. The closing balance as of 01/08/2016 was $4128.08.
The Treasurer’s report was unanimously adopted.

4. Election of Officers

President Ellie Czarnowski called for further nominations from the floor for the offices of Vice President and Treasurer. There being none, the names of Dan Nelson for Vice President and Ellie Czarnowski for Treasurer remained unopposed. The Secretary cast a single vote for each and they were duly elected.

Officers for 2016:
President: Bill Rutherford
Vice President: Dan Nelson
Secretary: Peter Vermilya
Treasurer: Ellie Czarnowski
Past President: Ellie Czarnowski.

At this point President Bill Rutherford took over as Chair of the Meeting.
Ellie Czarnowski was thanked for her excellent term as President for 2015.

5. Old Business

a. Shop Queue
The queue is: replacement Club dory, John Symons, Phil Behney, Dan Nelson, Bill Rutherford and Steve Barton. Bill Armitage said he would like to reserve time to work on an Annapolis wherry during the school spring break. He will not be in the workshop on the weekends, only during the day, Monday through Friday.

b. Boat rack for storing the dories at Mystic Shipyard East.
Phil Behney reported that George Spragg, Andy Strode and Rob Pittaway had disassembled the NINA building jig and that the parts will be used to construct the rack. The NINA is outside the clubhouse upside down on horses under a tarp.

c. Replacement Dory
During the 12/18 Friday meeting two sheets of 4x8 Okume plywood were ripped lengthwise and scarfed into two 16x2 foot pieces, each to be used for getting out the sides of the replacement dory. Bill Armitage led a demonstration on the use of the club’s scarfing jig.
Dan Nelson is lead builder on this project.

d. A second Club trailer
George Spragg has picked up the trailer generously offered by Dane Rochelle to the club.

e. Donations to the Custom House.
The Club will be donating $100.00 for a plank to be placed in its name as part of the new Harbor Lighthouse dock. This donation was voted for at the December meeting.

f. Winter Solstice Row
Phil Behney reported a good turnout for the Solstice Row and subsequent meet-up at the Harp and Hound. The row went up to Mystic Seaport and returned back to the Mystic Shipyard East site.

5. New Business

a. 2016 Meeting dates:
Members present were in favor of continuing the Sunday and Friday meeting schedule as it was done in 2015.
Discussion included:

- A regatta at some time during the Summer
- No tag sale in June.
- Possible joint meeting with the Mystic Ship Modelers group
- A possible joint meeting with Girl Scouts, Sea Scouts or other youth groups possibly to include model boat kits based on the model boat kits produced by George and Marla Surgeant.
- Possible row to Mamacoke Island as early as April
- Schedule a “Show and Tell” for each Sunday Meeting

b. 2016 Dues Reminder
2016 Annual JGTSCA dues of $15.00 are payable now. Download a .pdf form at and mail to
John Gardner Chapter: TSCA
UConn, Avery Point Campus
1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT 06340

Members wishing to join the National TSCA (strongly recommended!) should fill out the bottom portion of the form, detach it, and send it, with a separate check, to
TSCA Secretary (Membership)
Traditional Small Craft Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 350
Mystic, CT 06355

c. Newsletter
Bill Rutherford said that he and Karen had just published the January Newsletter. Members present were unanimous in their appreciation of their efforts. Bill called for other authors to participate. Karen said that images should be submitted at “medium” quality or 300 dpi.

d. Shop Orientation
Bill Rutherford said he would conduct an orientation for the major shop stationary tools immediately following this meeting.

e. Oar Leathering
Phil Behney will arrange so that Rob Pittaway can see those JGTSCA oars that need re-leathering. Rob will then order supplies so that he can do a “Show and Tell” on leathering at a Sunday Meeting.

f. Shop space for SeaLegs
John Hacunda requested that members who were aware of possible shop space that could be used by SeaLegs (see 10/2014 Minutes) to please get in touch with Dick Lathrop, Director.

6. 2016 Activities:
01/15, 22, 29: Regular Friday meetings at 5:30pm at the Avery Point Clubhouse.
02/07, 12, 19, 26 Regular Friday Meetings at 5:30pm at the Avery Point Clubhouse. The 02/07 Meeting will be a Business Meeting with a potluck prior.
03/06 a Sunday Business Meeting at 1:30 with a potluck prior.
03/11, 18, 25 Regular Friday Meetings at 5:30pm.

7. Motion to Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was unanimously voted at 6:53pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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