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John Gardner Chapter: January 2013 Meeting Minutes

Present: President Phil Behney, Past President Rob Pittaway, Vice President John Symons, Treasurer Karen Rutherford, Secretary Peter Vermilya, Members Andy Strode, Bill Armitage, Jim Clark, John Hacunda, Kevin Tierney, Ellie Czarnowski, Bill Rutherford.

1. Call to Order:

President Phil Behney called the monthly meeting to order at 1:38pm and requested that those attending introduce themselves.

2. Minutes:

Reading of the Minutes for the December Business Meeting was waived. The Minutes were accepted as presented on the JGTSCA Website.

3. Treasurers Report:

K. Rutherford presented a statement of JGTSCA Income and Expenses for 2012 and a Budget for 2013. See attachments A and B.

Rutherford said that the Pine Island Cleanup expense figure for 2012 may be understated.

Behney emphasized that the 2013 Budget was the first of its kind for the JGTSCA and was a draft document subject to future revision.

Rutherford urged members who had not paid their 2013 dues ($20.00) to do so.

4. Old Business:

i. Armitage is currently finishing his plywood dory in the shop

ii. Tom Janke has removed his project from the Shop Queue for personal projects. Behney will contact Tim Weaver to see if he is still interested in using the shop.

iii. The Shop Queue, as of 1/6/2013 is Weaver, Behney, J. Symons, Sandy D’Esopo, and Czarnowski.

iv. Behney announced that he had appointed Vermilya as Secretary to serve out the term of Genevieve Favre who has resigned.

v. Armitage reported that he had researched current used tool prices for the shop tools donated to the JGTSCA by the Waterford School system. As a result he felt that $900.00 for the table saw, $300.00 for the sanding machine, and $200.00 for the drill press were appropriate sale prices for the items. Members present unanimously agreed. The tools will be listed for sale on Craig’s list and at Electric Boat.

vi. Discussion of the purchase of new shop equipment was tabled.

vii. The Executive Committee recommended adopting the Atkins design “Nina” as the next shop project. After discussion, a motion to do so was made, seconded and unanimously carried in the affirmative. A sail plan, plan view and construction views are attached as Attachment C. The boat will be lofted to give members that experience. Four members will share the management of the project which will not start until the club boats either receive seasonal maintenance or are rebuilt as planned.

viii. Behney reported that the Solstice Row took place as planned with an informal get together afterwards at the Harp and Hound.

5. New Business

i. Shop.
The two club dories are now at the club house. One will be converted for double rowing, the other will receive seasonal maintenance.
Czarnowski will work on her boat’s spars on a space available basis so as not to interfere with either club work or with the current personal queue project. She has all the parts necessary in-hand.

ii. The Executive Committee met on 1/3/2013. Minutes will be posted on the JGTSCA website for review.

iii. Volunteers stepped forward or were appointed to the following committees:

1. John Gardner Small Craft Workshop.
Bill Rutherford, Chair, assisted by Vermilya and Stode

2. Annual Tag Sale.
John Symons, Chair assisted by __Bill Armitage _______ ???

3. Pine Island Clean Up.
John Hacunda, Chair, assisted by __Ellie Czarnowski______???

4. Trips/Outings
John Symons, Chair, assisted by __Sandy D’Esopo_______???

5. Shop Project
Behney, plus three others Rob Pittaway, John Symons, Sandy D’Esopo

iv. Shop Keys. Czarnowski volunteered to have additional keys made.

v. Insurance: Vermilya and K.Rutherford will investigate event and liability insurance.

vi. Vermilya will investigate the club’s 501-c-3 status.

vii. Behney will issue weekly updates on club activities and will circulate same to Messin’ About and to the Ash Breeze.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya,

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