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John Gardner Chapter: January 2011 Meeting Minutes

President John Symons called the meeting at the Avery Point Boathouse to order at 1:30pm.

Introduction of members and guests:

John Symons (pres.), Bill Armitage (treas.), Phil Behney (sec.), Scott Symons, Genevieve Favre, Andy Strode, George Spragg, Bob Reed, Rob Pittaway, Dave McCullough and Anna McCullough.

Minutes from December were approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer’s report was read by Bill Armitage (balance of 2,417.15) and approved by the membership. Bill noted that our largest expense for 2010 was our annual picnic for the Pine Island cleanup with the Sea Scouts.

Old Business:

2011 Dues are due.

Scott Symons offered to display the McGregor Canoe near his work place in Old Saybrook if we do not succeed in selling the boat through our ad in MAIB.

Bill Armitage is still looking into a possible Restaurant fund raiser meeting at Senor Flaco’s and/or Dog Watch Café.

Russell Smith’s request for a donation to New London Community boating was tabled.

Donation was made to the Custom House of 50.00 at our December meeting for use of their facilities.

Shop Activities:
• Shop Vacuum system update was tabled.
• The Hacunda Skiff will be christened “Uncle Flatty” in memory of Paul Robertson. George Spragg will look into the cost of a stencil for the name. A ceremony is being planned by Paul Robertson’s band mates on Seldon Island in the spring and may include our bringing club boats and the Skiff.
• John and Scott Symons continue to make good progress on their runabout. John may come weekdays to do more work on the boat.
• George Spragg’s Canoe will be finished and launched before next meeting.
• Sandy and Bruce will make up a plan for the Chaisson Dory restoration.
• Chauncy Rucker is waiting to get his “Pelican “sailboat in the shop for minor repairs and maintenance.

Community Outreach:

Bill Armitage will start the Avery Point Dory construction class with Uconn students in February if the school is able to attract registrants.

New Business:

Discussion ensued regarding the trailer resting on the side of the Avery Point Boathouse and whether or not it was feasible for the club members to repair or modify it to accommodate Russell Smith’s Gig. The trailer will be evaluated at the next Friday meeting to determine if it can be repaired or modified so as to be made usable. Russell is presently borrowing the club’s Dory trailer for the Gig

Upcoming Events:

• John Symons and Chauncy Rucker have been discussing the possibility of our chapter helping with the TSCA annual meeting. John suggested we ask for volunteers from our chapter to man a table at the next Wooden Boat Show.
• George Spragg talked to Dana Hewson from the Seaport about a club visit to the small craft collection, possibly for our March meeting.
• Friday meetings, 6:30pm at the Boathouse
• February 6 at 1:30 pm, Monthly meeting Boathouse, Avery Point bldg 36
• February 11-13, Cape Cod Boat Builder’s Show. Hyannis, MA
• March 12, Snow row, Hull, MA

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 2:15 followed by Pot luck.

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