Mystic Seaport Waterfront

John Gardner Chapter: January 2010 Meeting Minutes

President John Hacunda called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm 1-10-2010.

Introduction of members and guests:

John Hacunda (pres.), Russ Smith (past pres.) ,John Symons (vice pres.), Phil Behney (sec), Bill Armitage (treas.), Wil Iturino, Andy Peacock, Andy Strode, Paul Robertson, George Spragg. Genevieve Favre (guest)

Minutes from December 6, 2009 were approved as distributed via email.

Treasurer Report
Treasurer’s report was read and approved followed by a breakdown of past years expenses by Bill Armitage.

Old Business

Russ Smith has been working on making arrangements with the owner’s of Mystic shipyard east to make repairs to the garage that we have been allowed to use for storing club equipment. A work party will be planned for sometime in April. Next meeting we will discuss the details of what needs to be accomplished.

Shop activities include:

  • Hacunda Skiff progressing nicely.
  • George Spragg has begun planking his glue lap canoe.
  • Club Dory needs the oarlocks installed and more
    Experimental floatation added.
    Oars are being made by Wil Iturino and Bill Armitage.
  • Stenciling the dories with our web site ( continues to be discussed and will be implemented soon.

New Business:

Bill Armitage proposed designating shop space be reserved for one member project and one club project to help alleviate crowding.

Future shop projects discussed:

  • John Symons Skiff
  • Paul Robertson Canoe
  • Maintenance on club Dories
  • Russ Smith volunteered to hook up Dust collector.
  • Bill Armitage is planning on putting in an order for supplies and is asking for people to let him know what may be needed.

Fund raising ideas past, present and future were discussed, including the “Cape Dory” donation, the “Cat boat”, and the annual tag sale.

Motion was made by Bill Armitage and seconded by Andy Strode to sell the Blaikloc “Rob Roy” Canoe. More discussion concerning details of sale will follow.

Ideas to attract new members were discussed, activities like field trips, Sunday rows, gunkholing, Russ smith noted that if every member brought one friend that would double our membership. John H asked for members to present more ideas at the next meeting.

President and web master John H has set up a Facebook page for our club and is asking people to become fans.

Community outreach:

A discussion about student participation and or internships was once again brought up. Russ Smith volunteered to look in to this with Helen Rozwadowski .

The Sea Scouts have asked for help with maintenance for the CROPC (Connecticut River Oar and Paddle Club) boats. The Scouts have also asked for the possibility of another two week summer workshop, and if we would be able to provide an instructor. Discussion followed.

The Pine Island Clean Up is being planned for the first Sunday in May 2, 2010. Questions were asked about our collaboration with the Scouts. A suggestion of once again including the Youths from the Russell’s Ledyard Parks and Rec program was made. A suggestion of publicizing this event was also made. We were reminded to secure permission to use the college dumpsters to dispose of the debris collected from this event since there has been controversy over dumpster use in the past.

I am requesting members keep me posted of upcoming events if they need to be included in the minutes.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 2pm. A pot luck repast followed.

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