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John Gardner Chapter: January 2009 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the January 4, 2009 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

President Russell called the meeting to order at 1:36.P.M. at the Avery Point Boathouse. In attendance were Phil Benhey, John Symons Sec., Andy Strode, John Hacunda Vice Pres., Bill Armitage Treas., Bruce Cresser, Hank Drude, Peter Vermilya, Rob Pittaway, Robert Reed and guest Carmen Cemeso.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary’s report was approved as distributed
Treasurer’s Report:

In Russell Smith gave the treasurer’s report that was approved: Expenses – $65.02, New balance - $2159.13.

Russell thanked Phil for his hard work and his excellent performance as 2008 president.

Old Business:

Exterior signs: George Spragg is in the process of obtaining prices for the computer generated stick-on lettering discussed at the last meeting.

Intern program:

Phil Behney suggested that a Small Craft Workshop type program be held on the second week of June with intern participation.

Peter Vermilya reminded the members that the workshop is usually held on the first weekend of June and that the interns would have left for the summer by then.

Russell Smith said he would contact the people who sponsor rowing events for their interest in attending.

Peter suggested the workshop be held at the Seaport on Saturday with cookout and all day attendance at Avery Pt. on Sunday.

Phil will set up a meeting of our board members with Tom Duguay.

Further insight to the Small Craft Workshop weekend is a available on the TSCA’s Yahoo discussion group.

Russ will post minutes on campus.


Carol Mauro is working on the update.

New Business:

Russell will set up committees for 2009 activities and projects. He proposed applying for non-profit status for the JGTSCA to make the club business easier.

Boathouse Projects:

John Hacunda is making good progress on his boat with help from club members.

Upcoming Events:

Seal Row – Early 2009 (time to be determined) - Mystic Shipyard East

Snow Row – 3 miles - March 7, 2009 – Hull, MA.

Essex, MA Row – 5 miles - May 7th – Ipswich Bay

Good of the Order: Dues for 2009 are due now except for those who joined and paid late in 2008.

Motion to adjourn at 2:05P.M.

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