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John Gardner Chapter: January 2008 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the January 6, 2008 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

The meeting was called to order by President Behney in Avery Point Boathouse at 1:48.

Thirteen members and guest were in attendance. New members Heather McDonald, Fred Rein, Bob Reed and guest Scott Symons were introduced.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the Secretary’s Report from the December 2007 meeting as distributed.

The Treasure report indicated income of $15.00 in dues. The December balance reported was $4053.47 but Treasurer Smith reported that the actual checkbook balance as $3163.30. There still appears to be a discrepancy between the running balance and the balance reported by our bank. A motion was made, seconded and passed to authorize an audit of the account.

Old Business:

Boathouse Upkeep and Activities:

Project Priority Established:

1. John Maxon – Fairing dory construction
2. George Spragg – lapstrake canoe
3. Phil Behney – Avery Point dory
4. Bill Amitage – smaller version of Last Chance
5. Heather McDonald – Safe Sailor

More boats will be brought into the boathouse for painting

Upcoming Events:

Snow Row March 1 Hull, MA
Essex River Race May 15, 2008 Essex. MA
Blackburn Challenge July 12, 2008 Gloucester, MA

Movie about Stephen Jones new book “Rum Runners,” February 23, 2008
Garde Arts Theater, New London; $20 in advance, $25 at the door.
John Gardner Small Craft Workshop June 7, 2008 Mystic Seaport
JGTSCA Nautical Tag Sale June 14, 2008 Avery Point
St. Michaels small boat gathering October 25, 2008

New Business: 2008 MEMBERSHIP DUES NOW

The Mystic River Press took photos at the boathouse for an article about the JGTSCA

Proposal to change meeting time to 11P.M. defeated. Church, A.M. row interference.

Cookie jar to finance food reinstated. Rob Pittaway volunteer administrator.

Membership list to be updated by John Symons and Russ Smith.

Club to participate in at least one Sunday row per month.

Russell to start rowing lessons at Ledyard Parks & Recreation, Spring and Fall in
preparation for the Head of the Weir race in Hull, MA.

John Hacunda proposed involving club in Sea Scouts active in New London, Norwich
and Westerly.

Motion to Adjourn at 2:10.

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