Mystic Seaport Waterfront

John Gardner Chapter: February 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes
UConn Avery Point Campus Boathouse

Members Present

President Dane Rochelle called the meeting to order @ 1818.

Dane Rochelle, David Tang, Dan Nelson, Steve Barton, Andy Strobe, Ellie Czarnowski, George & Kate Sprag, Phil Behney, Bill Rutherford, and Karl Kaufman.

Minutes from January Meeting

Dan Nelson – Submitted the minutes - Motion to accept
Phil Behney second by Dave Tang.

Treasurer’s Report

Ellie Czarnowski - Additions or corrections - Motion to accept
Dan Nelson seconded by Dave Tang

Old Business

  1. Outcome of board meeting - JGTSCA Executive board met at Panera Bread to discuss and plan for events for the coming year. The Board meeting minute are available on the website and are discussed in our meeting minutes.
  2. Ratified Bylaws - During the January 5, 2018 meeting the bylaws were voted on with a stipulation that the final wording would be corrected to better define board member length of service. The JGTSC Bylaws have been completed. The terminology has been worked out. Ellie Czanowski has finalized the bylaws and they can be reviewed on the website.
  3. UConn Mast program - Dan Nelson brought us up to speed on the work he and Bill Armitage have done with Maggie our UConn student. So far Maggie has 4 hours of work into her Alaskan yellow cedar oars.
  4. Shop queue - Upkeep of club dories, club oars, Dan Nelson and our MAST UConn Student’s oars and mentorship. New club boat build the Good Little Skiff by Peter Culler.
  5. Club Exchange- Karl Kaufman, who is alsoa member of the Mystic River rowers, suggested we set up a group chat room between our clubs to foster an exchange of ideas, pool our resources, and Collaborate on project & group outings.

New Business

  1. Club project- Peter Culler’s the Good Little skiff; this will be a great opportunity for those of us who would like to learn more traditional methods of boat building. This will be a great time for a field trip to the Rossi Mill and the Small Craft Hall at the Seaport.
  2. Discussion on how to get people more involved in club projects that don’t necessarily fit the scope of boat building; The notion is club members can offer some of their other skills like sail making, carving of figureheads, and sign painting.
  3. Ongoing club financial support for UConn: Club President Dane Rochelle suggested that the JGTSCA would set up a small grant for a selected UConn student to help offset the cost of books and may be help supplement some of the costs for tuition

Other Business

  1. Ash Breeze: Bill Rutherford is looking for contributors to help write articles.
  2. Other way to outreach to the community: possible boat raffle, community learn to row.

Next Meeting:

Sunday, March 4th, 2017. Potluck @ 1230 with meeting to follow.
Building 36 (Boat Shop) UCONN – Avery Point.

Motion to Adjourn

Dan Nelson second Bill Rutherford

Meeting Adjourned @1913

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