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John Gardner Chapter: February 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guest and new members

President Dan Nelson opened the meeting at 6:30.
In attendance: Phil Behney, Bill Armitage, Dave Tang, Alan Barton, Peter Vermilya, Jim Clark, Dane Rochelle, Dan Nelson.

Minutes for January Meeting

Alan Barton substituted for Steven Barton as secretary. Members unanimously voted to accept the minutes for 01/06/2017 as posted on the JGTSCA Web. See online

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski emailed in her report for period ending January 03, 2016. Report was unanimously voted to accept the report which is attached to these Minutes. January 9, 20016 Income: 9 members paid dues John Hacunda, Jim Clark, Bill Armitage, Dan Nelson, Ron & Leigh Rinehart, Phil Behney, Peter Vermilya, Ellie Czarnowski and Nick Alley for total 0f $135.00. Expenses for January 9, 2017: stamps $6.80. As of January 13, 2017 JGSCA balance is 6,117.32 Ellie’s report was unanimously accepted as reported.

Old Business:

1. Bill Armitage Has completed the oar extensions on his guideboat and now has set his focus on some joinery work for one of his other boat projects. Bill Rutherford and Dan Nelson are collaborating on a joint oar project. They have set out to construct two sets of Delap Oars. Phil Behney has also moved his Whitehall boat in for some repairs.

2. The trip to Newport RI, to tour IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) was a success with eight members attending. Our self-guided tour was interrupted, by a couple of students who were willing to give us a brief history of one of their restoration project which was a onetime build of a Hinckley motor skiff from Stamford CT. After we all made our choices for lunch most of the group set their sights on some Thai food, while other with a more eclectic taste decided to entertain a local Irish Pub.

3. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in bringimg back to life the surface plainer. It is recommended before operating the surface planer that we review the owner’s manual. Because the motor starts up quickly it could potentially trip the breaker, so it would be best to use the outlet on the North wall.

4. Shop queue: Bill Armitage, Bill Rutherford, Dan Nelson, Phil Behney. Alan Barton and Jim Friedlander.

New Business

Bill Armitage put forth a motion to change the bylaws to allow a club president to serve more than one term. Second by Phil Behney.

President Dan Nelson has been coordinating with John Hucunda to set up a forum that will allow members to organize spontaneous gatherings like flash rows or day trips like Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol.

Motion to adjourn: 7:40pm

Next Meeting: Friday, March 5th . 12:30pm Potluck, meeting at 1:30pm. UCONN Avery Point

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Barton, JGTSCA Secretary

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