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John Gardner Chapter: February 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President Bill Rutherford called the Meeting to order at 6:12pm.

1. Introduction of Members and Guests

Ellie Czarnowski, Bill Rutherford, Peter Vermilya, Dan Nelson, John Hacunda, Andy Strode, John Symons, Bill Armitage, Jim Clark, Rob Pittaway, Phil Behney, Dane Rochelle, David Tang, Ron Reinhart, Steve Barton, Marissa Lacoursiere and Karl Kaufman were present.

2. Minutes for the January 08, 2016 meeting

The Minutes for the 01/08/2016 Meeting, as published on the JGTSCA Website, were unanimously adopted.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski reported that the balance on hand in the Chelsea Groton Bank account was $3,981.59 as of the 02/12/2016 Statement. At this 02/12/2016 meeting, nine envelopes which had been mailed to the JGTSCA mail box containing membership dues were received.
The Treasurer’s report was unanimously adopted.

4. Old Business

a. Replacement Dory
Dan Nelson is lead builder on this project.
Dan Nelson reported that the side panels for the replacement dory have been sawn to shape, the parts for the transom were in hand and materials for the chines were in the shop. One of the next major steps will be to build the center mold.

b. Boat rack for storing the dories at Mystic Shipyard East.
Phil Behney reported that he is working on a template with which to build the rack for four dories to be located at the Club site at Mystic Shipyard East. He will request member help to build the rack in a couple of months when the weather is warmer.

c. New table saw guard
Bill Rutherford thanked Bill Armitage for procuring a blade guard for the club table saw. Armitage did so at the request of the JGTSCA Board. Members present at this meeting unanimously approved reimbursing Armitage for his expense, approximately $139.00.
The guard was installed last Friday by Dan Nelson, Jim Clark, and Bill Rutherford.

d. The second Club trailer
Dane Rochelle, donor to the club of the second trailer, is working on finding his registration. Dave McCulloch has donated lumber for the beds.

e. Shop Queue
The queue is: replacement Club dory (being built now), John Symons (whose boat is now in the shop), Phil Behney, Dan Nelson, Bill Rutherford and Steve Barton.
Phil indicated that he would be willing to cede his position to Dan as Dan will probably receive his kit for a South West Dory from CLC in about two weeks.
Members present were in favor of the idea that once the replacement dory was complete that two member projects could occupy the shop at one time.
Bill Armitage has reserved time to work on an Annapolis wherry during the weekdays of his school spring break.

f. Donations to the Custom House.
Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski reported that the donation was underway of $100.00 to the New London Custom House Museum to purchase a plank in the Museum’s new pier, suitably inscribed with the name of the JGTSCA.

5. New Business

a. March Meeting presentation
After considerable discussion, it was decided that further discussion was needed before definitely scheduling either the oar leathering presentation by Rob Pittaway or a tour of the UCONN research vessel by Dan Nelson as the March after-meeting presentation.
There are six pairs of oars that need re-leathering. They will need to be varnished beforehand. To do all six oars during the presentation, Members will need to provide at least six sets of palms and appropriate needles.
Dan Nelson will need to research the operating schedule of the UCONN vessel and will need the permission of the UCONN officials to take JGTSCA members aboard.

b. Review of 2016 Meeting dates:
Members present were in favor of continuing the Sunday and Friday meeting schedule as it was done in 2015.
Bill Rutherford presented and discussed an excellent chart of possible 2016 events which was much appreciated. The chart is attached to these minutes.

c. JGTSCA Newsletter
Bill Rutherford said that he and Karen had just published the January Newsletter. Bill called for other authors to submit articles and images (at 300 dpi). The newsletter has proven to be an effective recruiting tool.

d. A flick to see:
Bill Armitage brought to members’ attention that the Garde Theatre in New London would be presenting on March 3rd “The Finest Hours”, a film about the Coast Guard’s heroic rescue of crewmembers of the freighter “Pendleton”. Check with the Garde for time.

e. Shop First Aid kit:
Members present voted to authorize Dan Nelson to spend up to $50.00 for supplies to update the Shop first aid kit.

6. 2016 Activities:

02/19, 26 Regular Friday Meetings at 5:30pm at the Avery Point Clubhouse.

03/06 a Sunday Business Meeting at 1:30 with a potluck prior.
03/11, 18, 25 Regular Friday Meetings at 5:30pm.
Please see the chart of possible 2016 activities attached to these minutes.

7. Motion to Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was unanimously voted at 7:31pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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