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John Gardner Chapter: February 2, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order at 1:43pm by President John Symons.

1. Members present introduced themselves.

2. Secretary’s Report

The Minutes of the January 5 2014 Regular Business Meeting were accepted as posted on the JGTSCA website. Reading was waived.

3. Treasurer’s Report.

Treasurer Karen Rutherford reported a bank balance of $5686.05 as of 1/31/2014. The opening balance for 2013 was $5091.36.
Ellie Czarnowski will be reimbursed for monies spent by her on lumber for the name boards for the three JGTSCA dories.
Sandy D’Esopo will be reimbursed for monies spent by him on paper towels.
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

4. Old Business

a. Dues Report.

Treasurer Karen Rutherford said she had 20 membership dues for 2014 in hand to date. This compares with 23 memberships for 2013.
Three of the 2014 paid memberships are for new members.

b. “Nina” construction

George Spragg reported that the stem and permanent transom are now in place.
In addition, battens have been installed on one side and paper plank patterns produced in order to estimate the amount of planking materials which will be needed.

The next step will be to install the two oak chines. They will need to be steamed in order to bend in fair. The steam box and steam source now in the shop will be modified for use.

The bottom will be made from 3/8”okume plywood, as the boat will be dry sailed.
Members present discussed using cedar vs okume plywood for the side planks. Cedar was chosen as it was considered more traditional and in keeping with the design.

George was given a blank, signed check for purchase of the bottom and planking stock.

c. Sea Legs

John Hacunda will re-contact Dick Lathrop.

d. Avery Point Dory Adventure

Phil Behney reported that he and Josh Paterson were still rowing across the Thames River once a week to Electric Boat.

e. Trailer rebuild.

The trailer rebuild project is complete.

f. Shop Member Project Queue.

Sandy D’Esopo reported good progress on his dory skiff.
He will be followed on 4/1/2014 by Rob Pittaway with his Custom House Museum parade float project.
Bill Armitage said he would like access to the shop during July and August

g. Boat moving equipment.

There was discussion of air rollers and wheeled dollies. Phil Behney was authorized to purchase three air rollers from Aere Docking Solutions. He will head a committee which will investigate the usefulness of some trailer parts which George Spragg will donate to the JGTSCA. The Committee will also look into possible purchase of commercial wheeled dollies.

h. Small Reach Regatta.

Bill Rutherford reported that information on the 2014 Small Reach Regatta was available

The event will be held in June of 2014 and will again be run out of the Audubon Center on Hog Island in Muscongus Bay, Maine. Bill pointed out that the 6 day event is limited to 50 boats, oar and sail, 15 to 20 feet in length, and that places would be snapped up fast.

i. Radial Arm Saw.

Ellie Czarnowski reported that her brother had a radial arm saw he was willing to donate to the JGTSCA. The saw will need to be picked up in Columbia, CT. John Symons offered assistance.

j. Pine Island Clean Up

Ellie Czarnowski said she is working with Syma Ebbins (UConn Avery Point Maritime Studies faculty) on scheduling a joint JGTSCA/UConn Maritime Studies Pine Island clean up. The date set will need to occur while students are still on campus, perhaps close to Earth Day, April 22nd.
John Hacunda said he usually calls ShopRite at least a month in advance so that the ShopRite staff can get authorization from their central office for donations of food for the event.
Prescott Littlefield said that UConn Avery Point may be able to supply a skiff for hauling away trash.

5. New Business

a. 2014 Activities

President John Symons outlined the following events planned so far:

Talk: Bill Armitage on his hiking el Camino Santiago, the famous path across northern Spain.
Row: Gardners Lake

Row: Pine Island

Nautical Yard Sale
Row: Small Craft Workshop, Mystic Seaport

b. Presentation by Prescott Littlefield

Prescott Littlefield gave a most interesting and appreciated talk about a dory which was built for his grandfather in 1970 and recently rebuilt by Prescott.
Prescott, who is Director of Waterfront Programs and a faculty member at UConn Avery Point also explained what he and his programs encompass.

6. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:58.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya,
JGTSCA Secretary

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