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John Gardner Chapter: February 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 1:35pm by President Phil Behney.


Reading of the minutes from the 1/6/2013 meeting was waived. The minutes were accepted as presented on the Website.

Treasurer’s Report:

Karen Rutherford reported that the bank balance as of 1/15/2013 was $5091.36, and that there were seven more paid-in-full members added since the 1/6/2013 meeting.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Shop status:

Bill Armitage reported that he was finishing the oars on his private project.

Private project queue:
President Behney reported that he had contacted Tom Jaanke and Tim Weaver and that both had relinquished their positions on the private shop project queue. The queue is now: Phil Behney, John Symons, Sandy DeSopo, and Ellie Czarnowski.

Current club shop project:
Good progress was reported on club dory #1, the current club shop project. Bruce Cresser has put in many week-day hours – much appreciated. Bill Armitage will be ordering Davis-pattern oarlocks for the boat this week.

Donated equipment sale update:
Bill Armitage submitted draft advertising copy for the donated table saw and drill press for review by President Behney. Bill also called for volunteers to help him rehabilitate the table saw prior to sale. The donated sander has been sold to member Kevin Tierney for the full club asking price.

New Table saw purchase:
Discussion tabled.

New Business:

Club dory #2:
The dory needs cosmetic maintenance prior to starting the next club shop project. Bill Armitage suggested painting dory #1 and dory #2 at the same time.

Shop Organization and a Shop Steward position:
Considerable discussion focused on the disorganized state of the shop. It was agreed that, for safety sake and efficiency, that shop order should be a priority and an on-going activity. Tag sale items should tagged as such and segregated, tag sale items which did not sell at the last tag sale should be disposed of, fasteners should be sorted and located with each other, the various counters should be cleared, and that food and toxic materials should be separated. Karen Rutherford will lead this effort starting this Friday. A special Spring Cleaning day will be determined, after which a Shop Steward will be designated.

Committee Reports:

2013 John Gardner Small Craft Workshop (June 28-30):
The 2013 WoodenBoat Show will again incorporate the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop.
Bill Rutherford reported that organizational efforts on the national level were well underway, but that local JGTSCA input was eagerly sought. Free use by the public of the Mystic Seaport livery boats has been obtained for the weekend. Private boats will again be available for public use only by permission of the owner. A discussion of the development of the Green Machine, designed and built by John Gardner, and a sail building workshop have been suggested as workshops. TSCA will have a booth at the show and is looking for volunteers to staff it. Andy Strode, Kevin Tierney, Peter Vermilya and Bill Rutherford (Chair) make up the local committee.

Annual tag Sale (6/8/2013)
John Symonds requested that any items dropped off at the club house for sale at the tag sale be tagged beforehand by the owner as being tag sale items and that the donor price the item. Owners of potential consignment items must check with President Behney before leaving an item for consignment at the club house.

Pine Island cleanup (5/5/2013):
John Hacunda reported that he was in the process of ascertaining if the Groton CT Sea Scout Ship would be participating in this year’s Pine Island Clean Up. He will contact the new leader of the Ship. He will also contact Shop Rite about possible material support. Ellie Czarnowski will contact UConn/Avery Point officials to coordinate JGTSCA cleanup activities with possible UConn Maritime Studies student similar efforts. Suggested names for her to contact were Randall Patterson (Student Activities), Mary Kay Bercaw, and Ellen Anderson.

Peter Vermilya reported on the current event liability insurance status. This report is attached to these minutes.
The Executive Committee will discuss whether or not the Chapter should obtain its own domain for its web site.
John Symons suggested that member-only events should be scheduled during July and August and that they originate at the West Mystic Shipyard East location. He also suggested that the Sea Scouts and the Boy Scouts be offered the possibility of rowing instruction.

NINA, Club shop project:
Bruce Cresser reported that he had studied the NINA plans as requested. He suggested that work start immediately with the purchase of 2 sheets of ¾” plywood, to be used for the molds, as well as “two-by” stock for the mold set up. No lofting will be necessary. The Club members present discussed three options for how the bottom should be planked, (1) bottom boards splined and sealed with epoxy resin, top and bottom. (2) Plywood, or (3) Traditional cross planked. Bruce will look into local sources for white oak for the chines, keel batten, framing, etc. Bruce will put together a list of the necessary building steps in numerical order. No drywall screws or stainless steel decking screws will be permitted. No budget has been set for this boat.

President Behney presented the following list of scheduled events:

February 8-10
Cape Cod Boat Builders Show

March 2, 10:30am
March 2
Snow Row, New England's premiere winter rowing event,
Windmill Point Boathouse, Hull, MA Resort and Conference Center, Hyannis, MA

March 15-17
Friday- Sat 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm
Maine Boat builders Show,
Portland, ME

May 5
Pine Island Cleanup, 10:00am (tentative)

June 8, 9am - 1pm
Avery Point, CT

June XX, 10am (TBD)
Buzzards Bay Open Water Challenge
Fort Taber Park, New Bedford, MA

June 28-30
Small Craft Workshop
Mystic Seaport
Mystic, CT

July 20, 7am
The Blackburn Challenge
Gloucester, MA

See web-site for details:

The meeting was adjourned at 2:44pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, Secretary JGTSCA


Appendix A

TSCA Insurance and Tax information.

Prepared from e-mail correspondence with John Weiss

Event Insurance

The TSCA National maintains an event liability policy through Gowrie Inc. This insurance covers individual chapter events as long as the event has been publicized to chapter members in advance by web, email, newsletter, or meeting minutes. The policy covers all participants, whether chapter members or guests, and the boats they use in the event. It does not include hull coverage for the boats. If an event venue demands a certificate of insurance, Gowrie will issue it after reviewing the event particulars. John Weiss is the go-to person for contact with Gowrie. John Weiss says that Gowrie has a turnaround time of 1-2 days.

501-c-3 status:
The JGTSCA chapter has 501-c-3 status by virtue of being a chapter of the National TSCA. The Chapter handles all paperwork involved in documenting donations. In recent years, the annual aggregate gifts to all TSCA chapters has not approached the income threshold of 25,000.00/year for the National.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya,

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