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John Gardner Chapter: December 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 1315 by President Dan Nelson.

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

Dan Nelson, Dane Rochelle, Ellie Czarnowski, Bill Rutherford, Judy Strode, Andy Strode, Rene’ Boelig, Kathleen Boelig, Carl Kaufmann, Trudy Alduk, Larry Magee, Ishmael, Collin Powers, Matthew Phillips, Brian Cooper, Karen Rutherford, Bill Armitage, John Hacunda, Mary Pine, Philip Behney, George Spragg, Kate Wells, and Dave Tang.

Minutes from June Meeting – Motion to accept minutes as presented; motion seconded; all in favor; motion carried (Secretary not present)

Treasurer’s Report

Ellie Czarnowski - motion to accept minutes as presented; motion seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Old Business

1. Bill Armitage reviews the final wording of previously approved and passed changes to bylaws. All in agreement that the wording is accurate and acceptable.

2. Shop Queue – Club dory maintenance, Jim Friedlander, Phil Behney (Whitehall). There was a reminder to include the oar making workshop into the queue. The oar making will probably begin shortly after the Martin Luther King holiday, with or without UCONN intern(s).

New Business

1. Call for nominations for board members – Dane Rochelle was nominated for President, Philip Behney was nominated for Vice-President, Ellie Czarnowski was nominated for Treasurer, and Dan Nelson was nominated for Member-at-Large. All nominations were accepted by the nominees and all were elected, by unanimous vote, for terms beginning 1 January 2018.

2. At the January monthly meeting, board members will schedule special board meeting to draft a 2018 calendar of club meetings and events, etc..

3. Reminder that 2018 dues are payable and join the national TSCA.

4. Solstice Row, Phil Behney as leader, will be held on 12/21/17. Additional details will be transmitted to the membership by email.

5. Carl Kaufmann suggests an intra-club system by which members can share supplies, materials, tips and ideas similar to what they use on Block Island. Good idea. No action taken.

6. Thanks to George Spragg for donation of Chop saw.

7. Bill Rutherford (plus all in attendance) congratulates Carl Kaufmann for his wherry article in the recent issue of Small Boats Monthly.

8. Bill Rutherford presented the retiring President, Dan Nelson, with a gift and thanks for his past year of service.

Next Meeting: Friday, January 5th, 2018 at the Avery point boat shop, with the Potluck at 1730 and the meeting to follow.

Motion to adjourn; motion seconded; all in favor; motion carried; meeting adjourned at 1400.


1400 to 1500 – Presentation by Matthew Phillips

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