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John Gardner Chapter: December 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the New London Custom House Museum.

JGTSCA President John Symons was in the Chair. He called the Meeting to order at 1:30.

1. Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

20 members, guests, and members of the speaker’s party were present.

John Symons called for thanks to both the Custom House Museum and to Rob Pittaway for making this meeting possible.

2. Minutes from November 02, 2014 meeting

The Minutes for the 11/02/2014 Meeting were unanimously accepted as published on the JGTSCA Website.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Karen Rutherford reported that the JGTSCA bank balance was $4611.09 as of this meeting.

Recompensed expenses for the construction of the NINA are $1680.23 to date. A further $771.00 is owed to Jim Clark for his purchase of wood. A full Treasurer’s Report will be posted on the Web Site.

The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously accepted as presented.

Members present called for thanks to Karen and Peter for their services to the organization.

4. Old Business

a. “Nina” construction

Andy Strode reported that planking was complete and that the stern knee was fitted and would soon be fastened in place with rivets.
Bill Rutherford reminded members that he will be on hand at the Avery Point shop every Wednesday from 9am until 3pm and would welcome those who can stop by to work.

b. Fleet Report

Phil Behney reported that he was working on the club trailer and that the club dories still need work. He complimented John Symons on his excellent work completing needed work on the SUSAN B. HOLLAND.

A round of applause was awarded Bill Armitage and Bill Rutherford for their work maintaining cleanliness and order in the shop.

c. Change in the Monthly Regular Business Meeting schedule.

In continuance of the November Business Meeting discussion about changing the day and time of the Regular Business Meeting, Ellie Czarnowski proposed that the monthly Business Meeting be held on first Sundays of the month at 1:30 pm in December, March, June and September as has been the custom to date.

In January, February, April, May, October and November, however, the day and time of the Business meeting would be changed to first Fridays of the month at 5:30 pm in combination with a pot-luck supper. All business meetings would be held at the JGTSCA Avery Point Community Boat House unless otherwise announced.

Members present unanimously voted to approve Ellie’s proposal.

5. New Business

a. Elections:

Vice President Ellie Czarnowski succeeds to office of President as per the By-laws.

Bill Rutherford was unanimously elected Vice President.

Now Past-President John Symons volunteered for, and was unanimously elected to the position of Treasurer.
There was discussion of purchasing an inexpensive computer equipped with Quicken for use by successive Treasurers.

b. New JGTSCA Newsletter.

Bill Rutherford proposed that he and Karen Rutherford publish a monthly newsletter in digital format to the current JGTSCA e-mail list. Hard copies would be available at the Club House.

Content would include, among other topics, the monthly Business Meeting Minutes, expanded progress reports on Club shop activities, scheduled off-site activities, short technical and historical articles, and reports on what members were doing in their own shops. The Rutherfords produced a similar newsletter for the Delaware River chapter which was very successful.

Bill cited the advantage of pushing information out to the member e-mail list rather than making it necessary for them to actively seek it out on the JGTSCA website.

It was the sense of the meeting that Bill’s proposal be accepted.

c. Mamacoke Island Row

Phil Behney reported that he will postpone the Mamacoke Island Row until early in the Spring of 2015.

d. Solstice Row

Phil Behney will lead a Solstice Row on Sunday, 12/21/2014. Participants who wish to participate should meet at the east Mystic location of the Mystic Shipyard at 8:15 AM for departure at 8:30 AM. The row will likely proceed up-river to Mystic Seaport Museum, then back down the river to Mystic proper where participants will adjourn to the Mystic Drawbridge restaurant for coffee and doughnuts before returning to home base at the Mystic location of the Mystic Shipyard.

e. All present gave retiring President John Symons a hearty round of applause for his service to the organization.

6. Events

a. December

i. Solstice Row, 12/21/2014 at 8:15AM Mystic Shipyard East.

7. Motion to Adjourn:

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

The next Regular Business Meeting will take place Friday January 2nd , 2015, 5:30pm, at the club house on the Avery Point campus of UCONN. The meeting will be in combination with a pot-luck supper. Yum.

After the meeting, Captain Dick Lathrop, president and CEO of Sea Legs ( gave a presentation to a very receptive audience on his 1999 voyage around New England and Maritime Canada aboard his 1975 32’ Ericson sloop. Go to for further information on this trip.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary


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