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John Gardner Chapter: December 2012 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: December 2, 2012, 1:30 P.M. at the Chapter building on the Uconn Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT.

Introduction: of 17 members and 1 guest, including the following Officers: Rob Pittaway (pres.), Phil Behney (v. pres.), Bill Armitage (treas.), Genevieve Favre (sec.) and John Symons (past pres)


Motion made to dispense of the reading of the December monthly meeting minutes and to accept as distributed via email and as posted on website. Motion seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Bill Armitage reported that the treasury balance is unchanged from what was reported in the December Monthly meeting. Current balance is $4531.36

Old Business

1. Member Queue

Sandy D'Esopo has moved his project outside.

Tom Jannke's project is next on the list. Phil Behney agreed to contact Tom to see if he still wants to retain his spot, otherwise Bill Armitage will bring his guide boat in next, followed by Tim Weaver, Phil Behney, then John Symons. Sandy requested to be next in queue after John (approved). Ellie Czarnowski (new member) requested to be next in queue after Sandy (approved).

2. Resignation from Sec. Genevieve Favre and discussion as to filling vacancy for the duration of the term.

Secretary Genevieve Favre submitted her resignation to the board on November 14, 2012 affective on the last day of December.
Vice President Phil Behney noted that as per JGTSCA Bylaws, the Executive Committee is charged with appointing a replacement for the duration of the term.

The Executive Committee is calling for volunteers to submit their names for consideration. The Executive Committee will then convene to make a final decision. Appointment to the position of JGTSCA Secretary will take place at the January Monthly Meeting. Please contact Vice President Phil Behney at to be considered for this post.

3. Election of Officers

Vice President: John Symons (unopposed) will be seated at the January 6, 2013 Monthly Meeting

Treasurer: Karen Rutherford (unopposed) will be seated at the January 6, 2013 Monthly meeting.

Rob Pittaway, President, will move to the position of Past President.

Phil Behney, Vice President will move to the position of President.

Members thanked President Rob Pittaway and outgoing Treasurer Bill Armitage for their work.

New Business

1. Use and/or disposition of power equipment donated to JGTSCA by the Waterford School District.

Bill Rutherford, on behalf of all members, thanked Bill Armitage for his work in facilitating the Waterford School District donation to the JGTSCA.
Bill Armitage called for a discussion as to the use and/or disposition of the donated power equipment. Discussion followed regarding type of equipment, condition of equipment, and possible uses for the equipment in the shop. It was noted, in response of some members showing interest in keeping the table saw for the shop, that it ran on 220 current and the shop was not equipped for that.
Sandy D'Esopo on behalf of a number of members moved to have the equipment listed for sale at the best price possible. Motion was seconded and passed.

Bill Armitage will research pricing for the equipment, bring the results to the Executive Committee for approval and then list them on Craig's list. Phil Behney will list the equipment on the EB Forum as his work.

2. Purchasing a Saw Stop Table Saw for the shop.

Sandy D'Esopo presented the idea of purchasing a Saw Stop Table Saw for the shop noting that such a purchase could be financed with proceeds from the sale of the previously mentioned donated equipment and the sale of the present table saw. Sandy sited the benefit of the Saw Stop Table Saw as being that of safety as the saw has a sensor which breaks the saw if a finger gets in the way. He also noted that his research showed this to be a top of the line table saw as to function. Discussion ensued.

Members and Board agreed that more information was needed and that a motion for a vote on this idea be held until the January 2013 Monthly meeting. Sandy agreed to get the relevant information for presentation at that meeting.

Other Business:

1. Delayed voting on Chapter Project

Members requested another discussion on the proposed Chapter projects on which voting was delayed in the last monthly meeting. Discussion ensued regarding the "Nina" proposal, the Adirondack guide boat proposal, and the Rob Pittaway Stonington Pulling Boat proposal. Members agreed that due to confusion about these projects, all project ideas should be submitted at the January 2013 Monthly Meeting, with a description detail of the project, named project leader(s), and a reasonable estimate as to building cost.

2. Donation of Book and Magazines

Member Sid Whalen presented the Chapter with the book Oars for Pleasure Rowing by Andrew B. Steever and 25 back issues of "Maritime Life and Tradition". Fellow members and the Board joined to thank Sid for his donation.


Solstice Row: December 21, 2012 Friday night at 5 PM. An annual tradition consisting of a row from Mystic Shipyard East to Cottrel Park near the Mystic Draw Bridge, followed by a walk to a local establishment for refreshments.

Inclement weather might force us to abandon the idea of rowing for the option of just meeting at the Pub. Members rowing should meet at Mystic Shipyard East, and those not rowing should meet at Cottrell Park in Mystic. Please contact Bill Armitage at to confirm that you are joining us and get details.

Wooden Boat Show/Small Craft Workshop: Member Bill Rutherford reminded the members that he is the local contact person for the TSCA (the National) and will be communicating with them as to TSCA presence at the Wooden Boat Show to be held in the summer 0f 2013 at the Mystic Seaport. Bill invites members to think about and give suggestions as to JGTSCA participation.


Motion was made and passed to adjourn @ 2:40pm followed by a potluck buffet.

Next monthly meeting: January 6, 2012. Weekly meetings are held every Friday at the Boat House at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted, Genevieve Favre, Secretary

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