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John Gardner Chapter: December 2010 Meeting Minutes

President John Hacunda called the meeting to order at The Custom House in New London CT. 1:30pm

Introduction of members and guests:

Officers: John Hacunda (president), John Symons (vice president), Bill Armitage (treasurer), Phil Behney (secretary). Members: Sandy D’Esopo, Bruce Cresser George Spragg, Andy Strode, Scott Symons, Genevieve Favre. Guests: Chauncy Rucker, Ellen Hacunda, Pat Symons, Shuerain Wolfe, Richard Wolfe. Nancy Rucker.

Minutes from Nov. 7, 2010 were approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer’s report was read by Bill Armitage (balance of 2,467.15) and approved by the membership. Bill asked for annual Dues ($15.00) and noted that people who joined late in the year are paid in full.

Old Business:
John Hacunda asked the membership to observe a moment of silence in memory of member Paul Robertson who passed away unexpectedly on November 26. Several members attended a memorial service for Paul on Saturday, December 4th.

Shop activities:
John Hacunda’s Skiff is completed. Members agreed that the skiff should be christened “Uncle Flatty” in memory of Paul Robertson. Permission to do so will be requested from his family and fellow band members. A launching at the Avery Point beach will be arranged with the date to be announced at a future time. Chauncy volunteered to bring a bottle of Champagne for the event.

John and Scott Symons’ runabout is coming along nicely with the interior nearly completely stripped of old varnish.

George has just installed bulkheads in his canoe with Andy’s help.

Bill Armitage suggested putting time limits on shop projects, some discussion followed. No resolution suggested at this time.

Chauncy Rucker asked to be added to the queue for shop space. Sandy D’Esopo is next in line for the restoration of the “Chaisson Dory”. Bruce offered to look over his boat and assess its needs.

John Symons will be the new President for 2011; Rob Pittaway will be vice President.

Community Outreach:
Bill Armitage and Matt McKenzie are working out the details for a boat building class for senior students from Uconn. Bill worked up an estimate of approximately $750.00 per boat for the cost of materials to be paid by the students. Tentative time slot would be for the spring semester on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 4pm.

New Business:
A motion was made and seconded to grant a JGTSCA life member status to Scottish small boat designer Iain Oughtred

Phil Behney suggested a possible field trip for September 2011 to Faulkner Island where Connecticut’s second oldest lighthouse stands. The island and lighthouse are being preserved by a group named the Faulkner light brigade<
The group runs an open house in September. More information as becomes available.

Fund Raising Activities:
Bill Armitage and Rob Pittaway are looking into possible restaurant donations from local restaurants that donate 10% dinner proceeds to non-profits when customer’s request our organization by name. Rob will contact the “Dog Watch Café” in Stonington and Bill will look into “Senor Flaco’s” in Westerly. The possibility of having a club gathering/meeting at one of the restaurants was discussed.

Upcoming Events:
Potluck at January Meeting.

Adjournment occurred at 2:10pm followed by pot luck with discussion and a movie on building Irish Currach’s given by Jim Gallagher.

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