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John Gardner Chapter: December 2008 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the December 7, 2008 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

President Behney in Avery Point Boathouse called the meeting to order at 1:47.P.M. In attendance were Phil Behney, Pres., John Symons Sec, George Spragg, Andy Strode, John Hacunda, Bill Armitage, Bruce Cresser Wil Iturrino, Hank Drude and Kevin Tierney.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary’s report was approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report

In Russell Smith’s absence the treasurer’s report was postponed until the next meeting.

Old Business:

Elections were held for the 2009 officers who will be seated at the January meeting. They are:

President - Russell Smith

Vice President - John Hacunda

Treasurer - Bill Armitage

John Symons – Secretary

Exterior signs: George Spragg suggested purchasing the computer generated stick-on signs and will provide an estimate at the 1/7/09 meeting.

Intern program: Phil met with Tom Duguay who proposed holding the a small craft weekend at Avery Point with college student involvement This is probably impractical for 2009 but steps will be taken to plan an event for 2010. To get things rolling Tom will get a committee together, John Symons will contact Peter Vermilya for a list of past attendees, Bill Armitage will investigate possibility of combining the event with the Nautical Tag Sale and Phil will contact Terry Nathan, Pres. I.R.Y.S.

Donated trailer: This trailer will be restored and designated to the gig and the smaller new one recently purchased will be used for the dories.

New Business:

Bill Armitage is looking for members to participate in a winter solstice row for 2 P.M. Dec. 19, 20 or 21 from Mystic Shipyard East up to the Seaport lighthouse and return.

A seal row in Fishers Island Sound around Enders Island and Latimer Light was proposed for early 2009.

A potluck lunch will be held after the January 4, 2009 meeting.

Boathouse Projects:

John Hacunda brought in his unfinished boat and is making good progress fitting the garboard.

Boat Trailer – The donated boat trailer will be restored and used for the gig because it is larger.

Upcoming Events:

Tour of the Herreshoff yacht restoration – Dec. 7th

Solstice Row – Dec. 19, 20, or 21 – 2PM – round trip Mystic Shipyard to Seaport

Potluck Lunch – January 4, 2009 following meeting – please bring some refreshments.

Seal Row – Early 2009 (time to be determined) - Mystic Shipyard East

Snow Row – 3 miles - March 7, 2009 – Hull, MA.

Essex, MA Row – 5 miles - May 7th – Ipswich Bay

Good of the Order:

Congratulations to Phil Behney for his outstanding leadership as “08 president!

Motion to adjourn at 2:30P.M.

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