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John Gardner Chapter: August 2008 Meeting Minutes

The John Gardner Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

Minutes for the August 3, 2008 membership meeting of the John Gardner Chapter of the TSCA.

President Behney in Avery Point Boathouse called the meeting to order at 1:52.P.M. In attendance were Andy Strode, Bill Armitage, Pres. Behney, John Maxson, Larry Magee, Rob Pittaway, George Spragg, Russell Smith and John Symons.

Secretary’s Report

The club voted to accept the June 2008 report as distributed with the following corrections: “Magee, not McGee, Sean Bercaw, not Shaun Burkhall and the Sea Scout dory is being completed, not refurbished.”
Treasurer’s Report
Tres. Russell Smith presented a complete treasurer’s report and was accepted by the members.

Old Business:

Boat Building

Larry Magee reported that work on the Sea Scout dory is progressing satisfactorily with most of the woodwork completed. He solicited advice from the members about finishing the bottom. Also Sea Scout attendance has been two to six Sea Scouts per session. Oars for the boat will cost about $500 but won’t be purchased until near completion. Russell Smith suggested accelerating completion and taking the Scouts to the Head of the Weir race in Maryland.

Bill Armitage has completed the hulls on his two Solo Guide Boats and reports that more work is required on the insides and prep work for finishing the outsides.
President Behney reported that the double dory is finished and rows well. The next projects coming up are maintenance to the gig and the dory “Jane.” He recommended that other Avery Point dories be converted. George Spragg made a motion to convert “Jane” then changed it to “some dories” that was carried.


Blackburn Challenge - Bill and Russ reported that the Blackburn Challenge was a success with Russ and Sean Bercaw rowing Bills boat, rounding the course in a blistering 3 hr. 14 min. They were 6th on the beach.

Row of the Bay - Bill and Sean beat everyone in the Row of the Bay race in New Bedford, MA avg. speed 6MPH.

Great River Race - Bill was first Sat. August 2nd in the 6 mile Great River Race in Norwell, MA.

Upcoming Events

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival October 2008 St. Michaels, MD

New Business

Russell Smith said he was approached by Tom Boque to have his 10’ Amesbury Skiff to repaired at or by the JGTSCA and that this might be a good job for September. It was strongly suggested that he join the club and then be helped by the members as has been done before.

Russell said he has been encouraged by kids wanting to use small boats so he would like to get more of the to do so and maybe we could help, even getting them involved in racing.

Motion to adjourn at 2:35 P.M.

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